Texas Return Sees Dr. Jennifer Walden Striving For Success

An inspiring story is always loved and the life of Dr. Jennifer Walden could no doubt be described as inspiring to the majority of people who have come across this successful Texas based plastic surgeon. Dr. Jennifer Walden has seen her life move in many different directions as she has taken on the roles of trying to rise to the top of one of the often male dominated plastic surgery industry, and achieved her dream of becoming a mother to two sons before deciding the time was right to return to her home city of Austin, Texas to continue her life and career.


Reaching the top of the plastic surgery field has not come easily to Jennifer Walden despite the support she received from her dentist father and surgical nurse mother; Jennifer decided she wished to become a surgeon, but was only accepted to medical school after making it onto a waiting list. Instead of buckling under the pressure Dr. Walden set out to prove her worth and eventually made her way to Manhattan where she established her own practice. The decision to have children prompted Dr. Walden to return to Texas to be closer to her family where she could continue her career with an ever growing list of clients.


Jennifer Walden admits she is a bit of a novelty for the people who make their way to her Austin, Texas based practice as less than 1,000 of the more than 8,000 board certified plastic surgeons in the U.S. are female. However, Dr. Walden now believes her gender is an advantage as the majority of those undergoing cosmetic surgeries are female and often feel more comfortable seeking the assistance of a female surgeon; Jennifer Walden also works hard to make sure her practice is a non judgment zone where every patient feels comfortable.


Dr. Walden works solely in the cosmetic surgery field with much of her practice time spent on face lifts, eye surgeries, and breast augmentations. By sharing her own experiences of a changing body image based on her own pregnancies Dr. Walden has built a successful practice in Austin after deciding this was the best location for her family to enjoy life.

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