Brazilian Laws and its Unique Standing in Latin America

Brazil has long been known as the land of coffee and football. A unique blend of culture and mixture that remains unparalleled by any other country in Latin America. As unique and vibrant the culture and history of Brazil have been, the law of the country is equally vivid. The legal system in the country is based on Civil Law tradition . The country has in total of 26 Federate States and all of them have their own accord of choosing their own constitution and laws. The only difference being of the autonomy of these states which are limited by the principles established in the Federal Constitution.

Brazil’s law has its origin from the Portuguese Civil Law and is related to the Roman-Germanic legal tradition, which was implemented by the Portuguese during the colonization period. The Federal constitution came into effect on October 21, 1988, and is the supreme law of the country as mentioned before. The National Congress is comprised of the Federal Senate and the Chamber of Deputies and they exercise their legislative power through the legislative process. The judiciary in the country consists of the Federal Supreme Court, National Council of Justice, Superior Tribunal of Justice, Federal Justice,Electoral Justice, State Justice, Labor Justice and Military Justice.

Brazil boasts of having the highest number of law schools in the entire world. In a report published by the National Council of Justice, it was found that there are 1,100 law schools across Brazil who have more than 1,240 graduation courses that it offers to students. This automatically implies that Brazil has the most number of lawyers in the world occupying a significant place with countries like USA and India who have a share of 1 million lawyers across them.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Mr. Ricardo is one of the nation’s most prominent and eminent lawyers. His expertise is well known throughout the country who has made a name defending many high profile individuals and multinational companies. Ricardo holds a centenarian firm in business litigation and is a practicing partner in the firm Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados. His practice spans a total of 25 years.

Ricardo Tosto comes from a humble background and received his education from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he completed his Business Administration Degree. He then went on to pursue a career in law and applied at the Mackenzie Presbiterian University where he graduates with a law degree. Ricardo’s practice over the years has been instrumental in the adoption of several legal mechanisms that came to become commonly used tools in the Brazilian legal community.

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