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A Woman Who Has It All: Dr. Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is a renowned plastic surgeon whose insight is incredibly invaluable. Jennifer Walden thoughts on business and life are simple, “You need the personality and internal drive to sustain your education, career, and well-being of your family and yourself over the long haul, not just over months or a few years.” These are the key ingredients to her success and she isn’t stopping there!

Jennifer was named 1 out of 24 of the best surgeons in the nation by Harper’s Bazaar, an honor she undoubtedly does not take lightly. She has spent her entire life perfecting her skill and began her training after schooling with many celebrated cosmetic surgeons in New York City. She continued her successful career by opening an office in the city and eventually moved to Austin and did the same. She is known for being one of the only women to have ever served on the board of directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Her accolades are innumerable. Jennifer is a published author, has received awards and notoriety as a surgeon, and she has even graced the covers of magazines and appeared on many reality television shows. She has not let fame get to her head. She is a strong woman, but incredibly grounded. She has balanced her life with work and family beautifully.

The medical field was in her blood at a very early age. Her mother was a surgical nurse and her father a dentist. She was raised in the Northwest Hills in Austin, Texas and her upbringing was very focused on education and quality achievements. She calls her mother her hero, for raising 5 children while working with ease and perfection. It was a childhood full of incredible values that she has implemented in her life as well.

She has said that her love of plastic surgery began when she fell in love with the artistic and creative traits one needed to serve as a surgeon in this particular medical field. Her client base is mostly women, and she has a waiting list of prospective clients eager to have their first consultation with one of the nations most distinguished surgeons. At the end of the day she hopes she can inspire women to have it all.

Susan McGalla Made It Big In The Business World

If you are a woman who is trying to make it big in the business world, then you are probably constantly looking for advice on how to do that on You are probably wondering who you should be looking up to, and who will give you the best advice. Well, if you want to look up to someone who will give you great advice about the business world and all there is to know about navigating it as a woman, then you are going to want to look up to Susan McGalla. She knows what she is saying about the business world, because she has done it all herself. She has had a lot of success, herself, and you should be able to learn a lot from all that she has to say.

Susan McGalla realizes that the business world is not an easy place to be in. She knows that, especially for woman, the business world can be a cruel place. She has done it all herself. She has made it as far as she has because of all of her hard work and perseverance. And, now she has some advice to offer to any young women who are looking to go into the business world.

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Being raised by parents who encouraged her to do her own thing even though she was a woman, Susan McGalla found the strength that she needed to do well in the business world early on. We might not all be as lucky as her when it comes to that, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give this all that you have. If you are wanting to do big things in the business world, then there should be no stopping you. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman and the business world seems like a man’s world on It doesn’t matter if you are young and you feel that you have no experience. Just look up to someone like Susan McGalla and see all that she has done for herself, and realize that with a lot of hard word and perseverance you can do the same. You can get to be where she is at now if you just work hard enough and never give up.

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ADC, Easy As 123 with Seattle Genetics’ Clay Siegall

When it comes to finding cures for cancer and providing life saving cancer treatment, Dr. Clay Siegall and his company Seattle Genetics are among some of the most prominent around. In 1998, Dr. Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics. Throughout the years, they’ve pioneered antibody-based cancer therapies. In addition, Dr. Siegall managed to raise $675 million in capital for the company. Dr. Siegall’s determination and research led to providing life saving treatment to thousands of people.
It takes skill to raise capital in such a manner that Dr. Siegall has managed to do. Very few people have that drive. Prior to co-founding the company, Dr. Siegall received a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He is also the board of directors of Alder Biopharmecuticals. To top it all off, Dr. Siegall holds more than 15 different patents and is the author of more than 70 publications. In a matter of years, Seattle genetics has managed to achieve what very few companies have, which is sustainability.
Time and time again the company has thrived under tumultuous circumstances. Since the distribution of their live saving drug ADCTERIS hit the market shelves, it has gone off to critical acclaim, achieving record sales. In addition, Seattle Genetics also has around 25 ADCs in the works. In 2016 alone, the company expects to increase revenue from $390 milion to $430 million. The aforementioned ADCs may very well become the company’s best sources of revenue. The tenacity of Seattle is evident as they continue to develop more life saving compounds.


InnovaCare Health is a Trusted Provider of Innovative Managed Healthcare Services

Most people who have Medicare insurance get their medical advantages from Original Medicare. However, nearly one-third of beneficiaries decide to get their health coverage from a Medicare Advantage Plan. Providers of Medicare Advantage Plans enter a contract with the state government, and they are awarded a fixed amount of money per person to offer Medicare benefits. The most common plans include:

– Health Maintenance Organizations

– Private Fee-For-Services

– Preferred Provider Organizations

Once an individual registers for Medicare Advantage Plan, she or he is obliged to pay a Part B premium and sometimes Part A premium on a monthly basis. The plan provides extra coverage such as vision, dental, hearing, as well as health & wellness programs. In 2016, most individuals pay a total of $104.90 per month as Part B premium. People who are in need of services that are categorized as medically unnecessary must pay all the costs associated with the service. Requesting for a written coverage decision before paying the premium is an ideal strategy for acquiring services that the provider considers unnecessary.

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Facts about InnovaCare

InnovaCare Health is a trusted provider of physician practice services and Medicare Advantage plans. The company uses advanced technology to develop sustainable and budget-friendly models. The Puerto Rico-based firm runs two Medicare Advantage plans: PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. The two plans have approximately 200,000 members who enjoy services from a network of over 7,500 providers. It also operates two Medicare plans within Puerto Rico’s Government Health Plan, providing a broad range of medical advantages via a coordinated care model.

In the fast-changing and diverse healthcare sector, InnovaCare strives to maintain quality and groundbreaking care to patients in North America. Through constant research and Innovation, the firm addresses the unique needs of patients and meets the challenges the current healthcare system faces. InnovaCare has a team of veteran executives who are responsible for overseeing daily operations and long-term growth plans of the firm.

Dr. Rick Shinto is at the top of InnovaCare, Inc.’s leadership. He serves as the CEO and President of the company. He has an experienced of over 20 years in the specialty of operational and clinical healthcare. He has been in charge of several healthcare companies including Aveta Inc., NAMM California, MedPartners, and California-based Cal Optima Health Plan. Shinto works closely with Penelope Kokkinides, who is the Chief Administrative Officer. Kokkinides joined InnovaCare, Inc. in 2015 and served briefly as the COO before being promoted to her current position. Read more on Biz Journals about Penelope Kokkinides.

Helane Morrison’s Passion To Enhance Ethical And Legal Practices In The Corporate World

Helane Morrison is the CEO of a large advisory firm known as Hall Capital Partners. She also sits on the executive committee’s board of the company. After the financial crisis of 2008, many people lost trust with the financial institutions. To this end, they started placing their finances in their hands. Hall was established with the object to rescue the public by enforcing regulatory compliance, integrity and accountability on all dealings. Since taking over, I believe that the company has reported increased growth through Helane’s transformative leadership.
It is my view that Helane’s assertiveness and hard work earned her a place in the compliance field. She contends that all the investments that they make for their client is ethical and solid. Every financial advisor, mutual fund or brokerage firm chosen by the Hall Capital has to undergo thorough investigations before they can be entrusted with client’s money. Helane Morrison’s enforcement staff jumps into action after suspecting an anomaly. The team goes ahead to enforce disciplinary actions that incorporate correction practices and even pressing criminal charges.
Helane completed her undergraduate studies in Journalism from the Northwestern University. She also attended the University of California Berkeley School of Law. Helane is a seasoned speaker on matters of legal compliance that arises from investment advisories. I believe that her career success resulted in her sitting on the boards of the American Bar Association and Regional Parks Foundation. This information was originally mentioned on Hackronym.

About Helane Morrison

Before joining Hall Capital Partners, Helane worked at the SEC’s office in Francisco. She started as a district administrator and later served as the regional director. In these positions, she was responsible for litigation, security enforcement and regulatory matters in 5 Northwest States and in Northern California. As the head of San Francisco’s SEC office enforcement, Helane represented the SEC in the financial communities, news media, legal fraternity, government agencies and entrepreneurs. I believe that through her expansive experience, Helane has been able to learn how to deal with companies and individuals engaged in unethical practices.
Formerly, she was practicing law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. In this San Francisco law firm, Helane’s practice zeroed in on SEC matters, defending securities actions and business litigation. After practicing law with the firm for over 10 years, she was promoted to serve as a partner. Previously, she worked for Harry A. Blackmun between 1985 and 1986. Helane also served as Hon. Richard Posner’s law clerk between 1984 and 1985. This information was originally reported on Hall Capital’s website as elucidated in the link below

Andy Wirth’s New Position

Andy Wirth is many things including a businessman, entrepreneur, as well as a nature enthusiast who has possessed the rare quality over the years to have known exactly what he has wanted to do even at a young age in his life.

In present day, with almost 30 years in the mountain resort and in the hotel industry, Mr. Wirth has been able to show visitors the beauty of nature while they are surrounded by luxury. Since 2010, Mr. Wirth has been the CEO and the President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, a ski resort that has been in business for over 70 years as it is located in one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

Next to Tahoe Lake, this resort attracts visitors who want to ski as well as visitors who want to explore nature and want to sit back and relax with a beautiful view looking out.

In Recent news, Andy Wirth has accepted the appointment to be chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. This position was awarded to Mr. Wirth due to the fact that he has already proven himself to be able to bring in tourists. Mr. Wirth, ever since this appointment, has become dedicated to bringing in visitors to the area in order to also improve the overall economy of the community and to support the locals.

As a businessman, Andy Wirth has possessed the rare quality of wanting the locals of the community to be involved with every business decision that he makes.

Andy Wirth has bright plans for the future of his ski resort and hopes to bring in even more visitors and revenue over the next few years. As an innovative businessman, Andy Wirth has recently invested over $70 million into the renovation of this ski resort in order to update this resort.

The renovation of the resort includes the reshaping of the ski slopes as well as the renovation of the interior of the resort. This not only makes the resort look more modern, attractive, and luxurious, but also improves the environmental impact of the resort of the environment.

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Get All The Online Banking Features That You Need

Nexbank is a very popular online banking institution that meets the demands of busy professionals that want to check or manage their money from anywhere. Often times, there are many reasons for people to utilize online banking including working from home and owning your own businesss. PRN News did a recent online article about the successful fourth quarter of Nexbank. When customers bank with Nexbank they putting their financial trust in reliable hands.

Features Offered By Nexbank

– Free checking
– Online bill pay
– Mortgage accounts
– IRA’s and money marketing accounts
– Free checks
– Free card replacement
and much more…

Nexbank strives to meet the banking needs of their customers with features they can use to build their finances and manage their money. In fact, 24 hour customer service will give you help with your account any time you need it. They are one of the most popular online banking solutions in Dallas and are expanding to a national level. Now customers across the country have the option to use their fetures. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to be a part of Nexbank and save more money.

Most people are looking for a bank that is going to help them maximize their money and these are the results you get with Nexbank. For example, Nexbank has mortgage accounts that will help you become a first time home owner. Owning a home is a huge financial investment and it’s good to know you have someone there to back you. Nexbank listens to their customers by putting their needs first. A friendly team of professionals is standing by to take your call or answer your questions. Visit a Nexbank branch or start your online account today by easily registering on their website right away free.