Healthy Living Tries to Steal From Nutrimost

If there is one rule in business, it is to offer something unique to customers. This is one of the best ways to be successful in business. Nutrimost has managed to do this. However, ther is another company that is trying to cash in on the success of Nutrimost. This company is called Healthy Living. It doesn’t seem to offer anything new or that could be helpful to customers. All it does is take ads from Nutrimost and make slight edits to the commercials in order to get rid of all references to Nutrimost. It winds up showing that it is lazy.

The ad replaces the reference of Nutrimost with the term “Can’t Lose Diet”. Not only is this lazy, but it shows that the company is not to be trusted. Upon learning about this, Nutrimost has decided to file a lawsuit against the company which resulted in the company getting a “cease and desist” letter. Healthy Living did remove the ad and released a new ad that is a little shorter, but still the same as the other ad. Another thing about the ad is that it keeps the testimonials of Nutrimost which comes complete with the references to the diet.

The major reason that Nutrimost is getting copied is that it is a truly successful system for weight loss and improvement of health. Nutrimost as a system treats dieting on an individual level. It also goes beyond weight loss to promote greater health. People that have tried the weight loss system have experienced a greater amount of energy as well as the loss of some of the conditions they had as a result of their excess weight. People often lose more than 10 lbs of weight within the month. They also keep it off with the program’s target weight feature.

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