Brian Bonar, a Successful Entrepreneur, and Financial Analyst

Brian Bonar is the Chairman and the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation an Executive firm in financial services that had been hitting headlines as the leading financial institution in the Cambridge. Cambridge registry named Dalrada as in honor with rewarding two male and female respectively as having Management proficiency, Expertise in accomplishments, having high educational achievements, and Exemplary leadership prowess.

Mr. Brian has over 30 years of professional experience in Financial Sector and the man behind the Success of Dalrada Corporations. Braian Bonar has been over ten years managing a large employee base, overseeing the performance of the Company’s products and chairing the recruitment process that tapped highly-skilled individuals into the Company. Dalrada is in the Centre of Markets, by offering a steady supply of employee’s programs to their diverse clients that enhance business proficiency.

These existing packages include employee benefits, risk assessment assurance, investigations and examinations, financial advisories, promotional rewards and Consultation service on business management. Brian expertise and prowess in leadership style gives him the advantage in designing these highly-skilled customized programs that enable employees motivation and productivity.

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Dalrada Financial Incorporation supplies PEO businesses with business management skills and offers advice on efficient production. It specializes in market growth and retention, providing training programs to broaden employee’s productivity by using tools such as benchmarking and rewarding. The firm focuses on uplifting production in heavily regulated companies by making business leader aware of employee’s incentives that builds firms’ image like Workers Compensation.

Mr. Brian is the CEO and the Chief Financial Officer at Trucept in San Diego CA. He had been serving for approximately five years and Specialist in Mergers and acquisition. Brian Is also the Chair and the CEO of and chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Inc. Through is Financial Management Expertise and experience, he has proven to be professional by managing three subgroups of Finance and assisted thousands of customers to succeed and guard their assets.

At Dalrada, Brian Bonar worked for IMB, the Rastek Corporation, Adaptec and QMS at serving as the Director. He managed Businesses and supplied over 100 business software working for QMS and lead massive Market growth and expansion of sales service as Vice President at Rastek. At Adaptec, Brian worked as Sales Manager for one year in the field of Printing Technology. He acquired enough knowledge in printing where he founded his own Company at Bezier Systems in 1994 and became the CEO.

In 2006, Brian founded AMS Outsourcing and became the Managing Director. He dealt with supplying of customized management solution and employees package to his clients acting as the Market Liaison. His Career blossomed and became an expert in finance field serving as the President for Allegiant Professional Business Services for two years focusing on sales and marketing, and business relationships especially in Insurance sector.

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