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JustFab is Just Fab

JustFab has finally brought out their summer collection, and there are tons of quality looks in there. They went with a great tan tone in the overall collection, which is definitely in this summer. The fits they have are getting even tighter, which is a trend that seems to just keeping gaining momentum. They are the perfect fits, for summer, showing some skin, but keeping enough class in there. They can be worn at the beach or a nice outing at your local fashion square. There is a lot of variety in JustFab collection.

The shoes seem to a majority of tan or brown shades, which is great because they go well with any fits. The boots are very stylish and sexy, can be used with jeans definitely, and if you want to be really hot skirts as well. The sneakers are very stylish and refreshing; they remind of very high fashion looks, such as Gucci or Saint Laurent Paris. So they are a good choice to rock when you want to keep within budget but are trying to show-off a little bit.

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With the dresses of JustFab, this season there is much variety, but one thing they all have in common is they are very relaxed fits at the bottom. They seem very comfortable to wear outside during the summer, so an excellent choice to make. The colors appear to be all over the place from bright red to beige, so it’s just about what you’re going to wear with them. Overall, great selection of the dresses, the fits are perfect for summer.

Last but certainly not least, bottoms, the selection on these is perfect so many shades and so many different types of fits. The jeans look gorgeous and have a very stylish look to them, very easy to pair with any top. Then the pants are incredibly especially the green, relaxed cargo pants, extremely fashionable and the fit is very comfortable. That’s the type of piece that is sure to sell out. It seems as if JustFab is getting all the steps right on this summer release. They are keeping up with the trends and have very stylish fits. See:

Healthy Living Tries to Steal From Nutrimost

If there is one rule in business, it is to offer something unique to customers. This is one of the best ways to be successful in business. Nutrimost has managed to do this. However, ther is another company that is trying to cash in on the success of Nutrimost. This company is called Healthy Living. It doesn’t seem to offer anything new or that could be helpful to customers. All it does is take ads from Nutrimost and make slight edits to the commercials in order to get rid of all references to Nutrimost. It winds up showing that it is lazy.

The ad replaces the reference of Nutrimost with the term “Can’t Lose Diet”. Not only is this lazy, but it shows that the company is not to be trusted. Upon learning about this, Nutrimost has decided to file a lawsuit against the company which resulted in the company getting a “cease and desist” letter. Healthy Living did remove the ad and released a new ad that is a little shorter, but still the same as the other ad. Another thing about the ad is that it keeps the testimonials of Nutrimost which comes complete with the references to the diet.

The major reason that Nutrimost is getting copied is that it is a truly successful system for weight loss and improvement of health. Nutrimost as a system treats dieting on an individual level. It also goes beyond weight loss to promote greater health. People that have tried the weight loss system have experienced a greater amount of energy as well as the loss of some of the conditions they had as a result of their excess weight. People often lose more than 10 lbs of weight within the month. They also keep it off with the program’s target weight feature.

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The Vision of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is an award-winning visionary that promotes the healthy effects of ganoderma lucidium, he mentors upcoming young leaders worldwide and is an example of success.

As a native of the Philippines Bernardo Chua was aware that the herb, ganoderma lucidium, had many health benefits. This herb is a key ingredient in the gourmet coffees and teas promoted by the companies Chua represents.

Mr. Chua began employ in the business world with Gano Excel in his homeland of the Philippines and moved to manage that companies’ United States presence located in California in 2003. Five years later Organo Gold was founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He built this company from start-up to presence in 35 countries, from three employees to thousands of employees. Mr. Chua had the multi level management skills necessary to help grow Gano Excel and nurture Organo Gold to the outstanding success both achieved globally.

Bernardo Chua has been repeatedly chosen as Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year. He also received a Business and Industry Dangal ng Bayan Award in 2014. In 2015 he was presented two Dangal ng Bayan awards consisting of Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee and Number One Global Network Marketing Company; these are People’s Choice Awards given to products of quality particular to Philippine entrepreneurs. Chua shares the business practices that made him successful with fellow Filipinos to help ensure their success. A fluent user of social media, Mr. Chua inspires through his example of success and direct attempts to mentor upcoming business leaders.  Be sure to follow Bernardo further on Facebook.

George Soros Makes a Return to Trading with ‘Big, Bearish’ Investments on Economic Crisis

Several months ago, the financial world was stunned by reports that the billionaire businessman, Stanley Druckenmiller has warned that the bull market is exhausting and that he too was considering dumping equities and instead, buy gold. Another reports suggested that the billionaire Carl Icahn had taken the net exposure on his own hedge fund, Icahn Enterprises from an uncertain 25% net short to a nearly apocalyptic 149% net short – typically like betting on a market crash.

Recently moreover, a more stunning report by Wall Street Journal has revealed that after almost a decade interval, George Soros has not only made a return to financial investment/betting, he has individually directed a number of big bearish investments to profit from the anticipated economic crisis, lured by the opportunities of the current economic situation in Asian countries.

The last time Soros was involved in a similar type an investment was in 2007 when he got worried about housing, placed bearish wagers and after two year investment period, he obtained more than $1 billion in profits. George Soros, whose hedge fund, Soros Fund Management manages more than $30 billion of his wealth had sold stocks worth more than $2 billion, buying Gold and shares of Gold, while he anticipated weakness in various world financial markets.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

Soros’s return to investment comes as shock considering that his recently activities were more politics and philanthropy oriented. He has been a key contributor to Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC as well as donating to other democratic groups. This suggested his boredom in the financial market.

It was expected that as Soros got older and older, he would delegate his firm’s investments like he did with one of Trump’s fundraiser, Steven Munchin who started his own hedge fund. But as WSJ reports, he is currently spending more than time in his office directing trades. He has also been in more frequent contact with his executives as Wall Street Journal reports.

George Soros has invested more than $2 billion with Scott Bessent’s firm, Key Sqaure Corporation. He also tapped Ted Burdick earlier this year to be his chief investment officer. Considering that Mr. Burdick has a background in arbitrage, distressed debt and other kinds of trading, then it is clear that Soros is shifting to bearish trading rather than macro-finance which has been his lifelong specialty.

George Soros intends to build a major bearish position. His worldview has darkened in the past 6 months as political and economic issues in Europe, China and elsewhere continue to intricate. With the U.S. Stock market edging back toward record and the Chinese market moving toward stabilization, Soros is skeptical of Chinese Economy, which is constantly slowing.

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Spain’s Ex-President Tries to Help Calm Political Strife in Venezuela

Spain is one of the European countries that has tried to mitigate solutions between the current ruling party and the opposition party. Things are very tense between the two factions. The opposition party is hoping to remove President Nicolas Maduro from office through a recall referendum. Tensions in the country are high. Spain is trying to cool things down. Representatives from Spain are suggesting there should be more dialogue and compromise. The situation in Venezuela makes such an outcome very unlikely. The country’s economy is collapsing and so is its government infrastructure.
If the situation in Venezuela was not so exceptionally disastrous, a dialogue between the two parties might work out for the best, says expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez. As all throughout the world know, Venezuela is bordering on the verge of collapse. Dialogue is hardly going to be easy under this scenario.

Spain’s ex-President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has been in contact with officials in Venezuela and has been reporting back to the current leaders in Spain. Whether or not he will be able to make progress remains to be seen added Manuel Gonzalez.

Zapatero’s recent trips to Venezuela included a rather shocking meeting. The ex-President met with Leopoldo Lopez, an imprisoned opposition leader. Zapatero may have done this to nudge the parties to work together by drawing international attention to the bitterness of the disputes between parties.

Zapatero is calling on the release of political prisoners and a national reconciliation. Honestly, those are tall orders given the current political landscape.


Brian Bonar, a Successful Entrepreneur, and Financial Analyst

Brian Bonar is the Chairman and the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation an Executive firm in financial services that had been hitting headlines as the leading financial institution in the Cambridge. Cambridge registry named Dalrada as in honor with rewarding two male and female respectively as having Management proficiency, Expertise in accomplishments, having high educational achievements, and Exemplary leadership prowess.

Mr. Brian has over 30 years of professional experience in Financial Sector and the man behind the Success of Dalrada Corporations. Braian Bonar has been over ten years managing a large employee base, overseeing the performance of the Company’s products and chairing the recruitment process that tapped highly-skilled individuals into the Company. Dalrada is in the Centre of Markets, by offering a steady supply of employee’s programs to their diverse clients that enhance business proficiency.

These existing packages include employee benefits, risk assessment assurance, investigations and examinations, financial advisories, promotional rewards and Consultation service on business management. Brian expertise and prowess in leadership style gives him the advantage in designing these highly-skilled customized programs that enable employees motivation and productivity.

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Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Dalrada Financial Incorporation supplies PEO businesses with business management skills and offers advice on efficient production. It specializes in market growth and retention, providing training programs to broaden employee’s productivity by using tools such as benchmarking and rewarding. The firm focuses on uplifting production in heavily regulated companies by making business leader aware of employee’s incentives that builds firms’ image like Workers Compensation.

Mr. Brian is the CEO and the Chief Financial Officer at Trucept in San Diego CA. He had been serving for approximately five years and Specialist in Mergers and acquisition. Brian Is also the Chair and the CEO of and chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Inc. Through is Financial Management Expertise and experience, he has proven to be professional by managing three subgroups of Finance and assisted thousands of customers to succeed and guard their assets.

At Dalrada, Brian Bonar worked for IMB, the Rastek Corporation, Adaptec and QMS at serving as the Director. He managed Businesses and supplied over 100 business software working for QMS and lead massive Market growth and expansion of sales service as Vice President at Rastek. At Adaptec, Brian worked as Sales Manager for one year in the field of Printing Technology. He acquired enough knowledge in printing where he founded his own Company at Bezier Systems in 1994 and became the CEO.

In 2006, Brian founded AMS Outsourcing and became the Managing Director. He dealt with supplying of customized management solution and employees package to his clients acting as the Market Liaison. His Career blossomed and became an expert in finance field serving as the President for Allegiant Professional Business Services for two years focusing on sales and marketing, and business relationships especially in Insurance sector.

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