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Dick Devos Appoints New CEO to Drive Presence and Growth of the Stow Company

A new CEO to head The Stow Company has been named by Dick Devos. Phil Dolci, 48, has Succeeded Frank Newman, 67, who is taking a well –earned retirement, though he will continue to serve on the Board of Advisers. Dolci brings along vast experience that spans over 23 years in consumer product manufacturing and marketing. Most recently, he served as the CEO and president of Crosman Corporation, a company that specializes in manufacturing, designing, and supplying products for shooting sports.


The Stow Company was founded in 1984 in Holland, with its manufacturing facility in Holland, Indianapolis, and Mich. The company has emerged as the leading provider of storage and organization system in all areas pertaining to homes. The Stow innovative products are tailored to meets customer need through various distribution channels.


According to Dick Devos, Phil brings the kind of experience and knowledge that will continue to drive presence and growth of The Stow Company in home organization markets. He also expressed his gratitude to outgoing CEO Frank, saying that he had provided exemplary leadership over the last four years. Dolci background includes being the CEO and the presidents of U.S playing cards, a subsidiary of Jarden Corporation. Before joining Jarden Corporation, he held other senior executive positions at Sanford, a division of Newell Rubbermaid, ConAgra Foods, Dean Foods, and Kraft Foods. Phil Dolci holds a bachelor degree in economics from The University of Chicago, and Masters in Business Administration from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


Dick is well renowned for his business activities as well as creative and philanthropic interest. He is the son of Dick Devos, the co-founder of Amway Corporation. Dick started his career in Amway in 1974 and held various offices before moving to the vice- president position in 1884. In this capacity, he was responsible for overseeing sales in more than fifty countries. From 1993 to 2006, Dick served as the CEO of the company. Currently, he is the president of WindQuest Group.


Apart from a successful career, Dick Devos established Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation, which has donated thousands of dollars to civic, educational, community, religious, and free markets organizations since the 1990s. According to Dick and his wife Betsy, in response to financial blessing they have received, they founded the Foundation as a vehicle for their giving back to society. Moreover, it is in response to model taught to them by their parents as they seek to be faithful stewards.

The Comfort of Shea Butter

EuGenia is a company that strives in comfort. Its get its name from an individual in the family that used a secret to bring about something good. Shea butter is similar to cocoa butter but its just give a little something special to it. The vitamins in this product is A & E. The company wants the product to help women in many ways. It helps with marks, skin that is irritated to make it soft and help with scars.

The company sells this product for women to use if they need a massaging, fatigued muscle and brides before weddings to give them an beautiful shine. EuGenia believes in women being radiant with a glow and its from something natural thats from the beginning of time and pass on to another generations family members.

The company hire many women in a country that entitles them to work where they can support their family with money for health and educational support. The women that are employed by the company loves the opportunity to be able to work for someone where Shea Butter started from someone that used it and shared it with others. EuGenia Shea Butter support the well-being of women and their skin. The all natural product is for every woman to try out for herself. It is to bring the woman skin abilities to the natural content where it needs to be. Its a healing method to make you feel and look beautiful for many years to come. The women that lives in another country loves it and would like other women to try it too.

India may help ease Venezuela’s oil problem

Venezuela is currently facing a significantly vexing period of time as a result of their reliance on oil to finance their government. The severe decline in oil prices has put some significant strains on the economy and this has been most obviously seen in the declining value of the Venezuelan currency and a cash stressed government.
A new report indicates that their may be some relief on the horizon from an unlikely spot; India.

India may begin to export massive amounts of oil from Venezuela as a result of the attraction of the currency and asset price. India exports a significant amount of products to Venezuela that they are currently in need of, but many India businesses were afraid of doing business with the country for fear of non-payment.

A new payment method explained by David Osio is known as a Vostro system will be used which involves exporters and importers from India offsetting the balances they have receivable and payable to Venezuela through Indian banks to minimize the business risk of the transaction. Ultimately, this will provide some assurance to all that payment can be received and the transactions can work in the long run. More info posted on the site

Overall, Indian businesses entering into this agreement structure may be doing so for fear that their business model may be otherwise undercut by Chinese and other competitors and it makes senses for Indian businesses to try to dominate the Venezuelan market when so many other competitors are afraid to do business in the country.



Celebrating A life well lived, Steve Murray

Stephen P. Murray (Steve Murray) was born on August 2, 1962. Murray was brought up in a New York City suburb, Westchester County. He was married to Tami Murray and together they had four sons.

They resided in Stamford. Education Stephen Murray went to Boston College where he graduated with a degree in economics in 1984. He attained a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School in 1989. Career In 1984, Steve Murray was employed as a credit trainee at Hanover Trust Co., a manufacturing firm based in New York.

He later joined a leveraged finance unit and a private equity of the manufacturers Hanover. Manufacturer Hanover was bought by Chemical bank, and MH Equity amalgamated with the Chemical Ventures Partners. Later on, Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation. This amalgamation changed Chemical Ventures Partners to Chase Capital Partners. After the three amalgamations, Manufacture Hanover ended up being a part of JP Morgan. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

In 2005, Stephen Murray became the chair of the bank’s buyout business. Murray co-founded a spinout of JP Morgan, CCMP Capital, which contained the takeover and growth equity crew. CCMP spun out from JPMorgan Chase to avoid conflict of interest with the bank’s clients. CCMP specialize growth capital investments and middle-market leveraged buyouts. Murray became the CEO of CCMP.

Philanthropy Steve Murray served on the board of various major firms such as Warner Chilcott, Cabela’s, Legacy Hospital Partners, Aramark, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Generac Power Systems.

As a philanthropist, Murray supported the Boston College, Stamford Museum; Make a Wish Foundation, the Food Bank in Lower Fairfield County, and the Columbia Business School. He was the vice moderator of the board at Boston College and a member of the council at Make a Wish Foundation. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

Stephen Murray died on March 12, 2015, at the age of 52 years. He had resigned a month earlier from his duties as the CEO due to health issues. The chairperson, Greg Brenneman took over his duties. In his condolence to the bereaved family of Murray, Greg pointed out that the source of Murray’s joy and pride was his family.

Steve was an aggressive investor and a deal maker who spent his career in private ventures. He played a key role in CCMP Capital and its predecessors. He was in the firm when there were major changes in ownership until it finally became a sole proprietorship.

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The Relation Between Online Reputation and Digital Longevity

Sometimes digital image is overlooked by both businesses and individuals until there is a massive mess to be suppressed within the public eye. The value of maintaining a viable online reputation can not be emphasized enough, for even when a negative bit of information can be suppressed, it can still pack a punch in terms of damage. Online reputation management firms offer services to correct negative press, but they also maintain a positive image before any negative press becomes of any impact in many cases. Choosing the right online reputation firm is of the utmost importance in the digital age.

Since there are many components contained within a successful reputation management campaign, it is important to know what services are offered by a firm you are considering. Not all firms will be the same, so understanding the process is essential. The online reputation management service you select should be fluent in current SEO procedures. Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of ranking certain material higher than others within search results, which when done properly, suppresses negative press to areas of obscurity. It isn’t always possible to totally remove negative press, but by way of suppression, it is possible to demote search engine rank of negative press to where it will rarely, if ever, be seen.

There are many other aspects of handling online reputation as well, such as social media management, third-party site monitoring, and content development. Sometimes creating a digital image is equally as important as cleaning up any negative press. Online reputation management firms like Better Reputation are placing an equal amount of focus on all of these areas, in order to sculpt the digital images of their clients, and to great avail. Receiving feedback on what is being said about your brand is of great importance, and Better Reputation’s third-party monitoring allows for delivering this information to you in real time. Many commend them on their ability to catch a PR nightmare before it spins out of control, but it should be noted that their other aspects of attention serve for unmatched digital longevity.

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