Andy Wirth’s Skydiving Accident and Recovery

Recently, Andy Wirth suffered a very serious skydiving accident, but he got lucky. Unlike many skydiving accidents, it was luckily not a fatal one. It did cause him a great deal of suffering, and he had to spend a substantial amount in the hospital. He underwent a great deal of surgical procedures to save him from losing his arm.

Despite this tragedy, he managed to continue to participate in outdoor sports after the accident. Not only has he participated in outdoor sports, but he has continued to excel with them. He also has been a successful CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, even in the aftermath of this accident.

An article on Iron Man says that Andy Wirth’s accident occurred after the winds made a sudden change in direction. Rather than ending up where he was supposed to touch down, he was impaled by a pole in a vineyard. After he was impaled, he was alone and gravely injured for quite a while before help arrived. He believed that he was going to die of his injuries in the vineyard. During this time, Wirth says that the song “Just Breathe” was running through his head – Then, the paramedics made it there in time to save him – .

Squaw Valley is destined to expand in the future, despite his long ordeal recovering from the accident. The resort is going to merge with another resort, called Alpine Meadows. Together, this ski resort may end up becoming the biggest ski resort in all of North America. Andy Wirth has done a lot of work to help make this happen, in spite of the fact that the injuries of his accident have caused him serious personal suffering.

In addition to being a successful CEO of Squaw Valley, Andy Wirth has taken part in an ironman competition. During this, he did quite well in the competition. He also helped Navy Seals with their training at Squaw Valley.

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