Pearl Harbor Memorial Statue Funded By US Money Reserve


Exciting News About 75th Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor Memorial Statue

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and to commemorate this monumental year in history reported, the US Money Reserve and U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation has decided to create a new memorial in Hawaii. They have also decided to place a new statue at this memorial as part of the tribute to Navy service men and women. In order to help fund this lofty project the U.S. Money Reserve has decided to step in to the project.

The U.S. Money Reserve is the most trustworthy and biggest distributor of precious metals in the country. They are offering a 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor gold coin to show their appreciation for what the Navy has done for our country. Additionally, 100 percent of a portion of what money is made from the sales of these coins goes toward the memorial for Pearl Harbor.

About The Memorial Statue

The memorial statue will be the wonderful iconic image that so many of us enjoy seeing and paying homage to. It is the statue of the figure of The Lone Sailor, of course, that we will see appear in Hawaii soon. This statue will be made of bronze, and it will resemble the original statue that was placed in Washington, D.C. The image of The Lone Sailor is one of the most remarkable and remembered images in American History of the 20th Century. It is no wonder why it was chosen to mark this 75th year since Pearl Harbor.

The statue has appeared in several other places as a smaller replica. It is in Baton Rouge, Fort Lauderdale, Long Beach and a myriad of other public places around the United States. To read more about the memorial statue and about the commemoration, visit Yahoo.

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