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George Soros Predicts A Financial Crisis

Investors have something to worry about at the moment. The financial climate at the moment resembles the one from 2008; a financial crisis might take place. According to George Soros, a popular billionaire and hedge fund manager based in the United States, investors should be very careful before taking any investment decisions.

George gave investors this advice just recently during an economic forum that took place in Sri Lanka. The billionaire is very knowledgeable in financial matters, and his opinion and predictions are not taken lightly. In the past, in the year 2007, George Soros warned investors that there was an upcoming crisis that would affect the economies of many nations, and in a short duration, the 2008 financial crisis started.

The financial crisis that took place in 2008 on affected many countries in the world, and most of the developing nations have not yet gained their old self back. The crisis started in the industrialized countries, and in a short duration of time, it spread to the rest of the countries. The developing countries started feeling the crisis later, and the most affected nations are mainly the ones that depended on the industrialized nations a lot.

This time, George Soros says that the financial crisis is not coming from the industrialized countries. The problem is coming to China. The country’s economy has not been doing well in the recent past, and it is transferring the problem to the rest of the nations in the world. The country has had issues adjusting to the changes it has been making, and this seems to be the problem. The currency of China has also lost value in the recent past due to the changes it has been making. 

For any developing country like China, getting a positive interest rate is quite challenging, so the chances of recovering from this devaluation are not high. The effects of the past financial crisis are still being felt so that another financial problem will have worse problems.

George Soros is the founder of the Soros Foundation and Open Society. He is very wealthy, and most of the time, this financial position makes him have a say in the most controversial topics that come up in the world. He was born in Hungarian, and this is where he spent the first years. After some time, he was forced to move to the United Kingdom, and he took this opportunity to go to some of the best schools in London. 

George Soros located and settled in the United States of America after completing his education in London, and this is where he has managed to create his wealth. At the moment, he is considered to one of the richest people in the world, and he uses his money in charitable organizations and political activities.

Investments Require Great Diversity

A company like Laidlaw & Company has the chance to help people turn around their investments with some diversity. Anyone who comes to the PR Newswire website will see that they offer a lot of services for the average customer, and every service will change the way customers approach their own money. The money is used in different ways to make more money, and the greatest piece of advice anyone can ever get is to diversify.

The people who want to diversify should start scanning the top of the screen on the Laidlaw & Company website, and they will see many options for investing their money. A company like this helps people choose the kind of service they need, and the investment firm offers brokers who show customers how to diversify in the right way. Investment advice does not always come from an article or a website. Sometimes, the best advice comes from the broker.

The investment advice continues when people stay the course. It is better for customers to find a course of action that they are happy with, and then they need to try to stick to that as much as they can. People who keep changing their philosophy of investment all the time will not do very well, and a company like Laidlaw & Company does not change all that much. The company  according to is stable because they have been diverse for a long time, and they do not do knee jerk reactions to market circumstances.

Wisdom in the banking world is hard to come by, but that is why it is good to work with an established company that knows how to stick to the plans it already made. A broker from a company like Laidlaw & Company can be a calming influence for a nervous investor, and the company provides the stability needed for good investing.



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New Website For U.S. Money Reserve is Up


An article released recently on CBS19 reveals that U.S. Money Reserve has made an announcement that its new and improved website is up. The new website of U.S. Money Reserve has an improved interface, is easier to navigate and has an overall better customer service experience. Among the improvements and new features is a new tool that is fully responsive and allows the web masters to create content that they can release throughout multiple platforms. It also makes it easier for the company to interact with its clients. Most importantly, the transaction of selling precious metals is now easier to carry out with the new e-commerce update.

The update and remodel reported by CBS 19  has been overseen by the Vice President of Creative and Brand, Ryan Buchman. He made sure that the company had new applications that made it easier for clients and customers to learn about the precious metals being sold and make it overall easier to buy them from the site. Among the new features added is live pricing on the bullion, coins and bars. Customers can more easily keep track of the price on the products they are considering.

It is expected that U.S. Money Reserve would find a way to make the precious metals market easier because the company was founded in order to make the investing process simpler for customers. One of the reasons they sell gold and silver is to help people plan for retirement. These days, it is trickier to save for retirement because any investment made can result in loss of money as opposed to gains. With U.S. Money Reserve, the value of the assets bought are very likely to appreciate over time. They also make sure that their clients are knowledgeable about their assets. They allow them to sign up for a free information kit that gives them all they need to know about gold bullion and bars.

Andy Wirth, The Founder, And Owner Of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Manages To Prevent The Olympic Valley Incorporation.

The Squaw Valley Ski Holdings boss, Andy Wirth is in a celebration mood after he successfully managed yo have the Olympic Valley Incorporation motion dropped. He says that he had dedicated a lot of his tome and money fighting this Olympic Valley Incorporation motion dropped, and it is a relief that he has finally succeeded. He says that he and the Lake Tahoe community who depend on the Olympic Valley for economic support would be greatly affected. The Olympic Valley is among the top tourist destination in North America. The valley is prominently known for it’s great skiing terrain. Most of the tourists who visit the valley are skiers looking for a place to enjoy their holidays while skiing.

Andy Wirth says that the Olympic Valley Incorporation was going to subject the region to higher taxes. The higher taxes imposed on the areas p businesses would be reflected in the rise of goods and service in the area. Andy Wirth says that an increase in prices of goods and services would not put them in a competitive position with other destinations. He also said that most tourists in the area would be scared off by the high prices and would opt for cheaper destinations. The incorporation was going to cripple the economy of this area. This motion was also going to cut the area off services like regular road maintenance and snow road clearing.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, Andy Wirth adds that they opposed the Olympic Valley Incorporation motion as it came at a time when the region was facing a four-year drought. This drought had greatly affected business in the Lake Tahoe region. Resorts and other supporting businesses that depended on the resorts and tourism, in general, were forced to close down. The economy of the region had crashed as very few tourists were visiting the area, and they were not enough to keep the region’s economic fire burning.

Andy Wirth is a great man who is very successful in various aspects of his life. He is a great sportsman with a big heart for skydiving. He is also a great philanthropist who has founded many charity organizations in his life. He focuses his philanthropic efforts on supporting and helping Navy Seals servicemen. He is the founder of an Ironman team charity organization known as Wounded Warrior Support. This Ironman team is made up of his Navy Seals friends whom he met during their training at Olympic Valley. He is also the founder of the Crowdrise campaign, a charity organization that raises money to support the Navy Seals Foundation in its philanthropic course.

Source: the Reno-Gazette Journal

Pearl Harbor Memorial Statue Funded By US Money Reserve


Exciting News About 75th Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor Memorial Statue

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and to commemorate this monumental year in history reported, the US Money Reserve and U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation has decided to create a new memorial in Hawaii. They have also decided to place a new statue at this memorial as part of the tribute to Navy service men and women. In order to help fund this lofty project the U.S. Money Reserve has decided to step in to the project.

The U.S. Money Reserve is the most trustworthy and biggest distributor of precious metals in the country. They are offering a 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor gold coin to show their appreciation for what the Navy has done for our country. Additionally, 100 percent of a portion of what money is made from the sales of these coins goes toward the memorial for Pearl Harbor.

About The Memorial Statue

The memorial statue will be the wonderful iconic image that so many of us enjoy seeing and paying homage to. It is the statue of the figure of The Lone Sailor, of course, that we will see appear in Hawaii soon. This statue will be made of bronze, and it will resemble the original statue that was placed in Washington, D.C. The image of The Lone Sailor is one of the most remarkable and remembered images in American History of the 20th Century. It is no wonder why it was chosen to mark this 75th year since Pearl Harbor.

The statue has appeared in several other places as a smaller replica. It is in Baton Rouge, Fort Lauderdale, Long Beach and a myriad of other public places around the United States. To read more about the memorial statue and about the commemoration, visit Yahoo.

Any Wirth And The Lake Tahoe Community Manage Successfully Fight Of The Olympic Valley Incorporation Motion.

According to Andy Wirth, the Olympic Valley Incorporation motion was a recipe for disaster to the Lake Tahoe area. The community and business around this area solely depend on Olympic Valley as their economic pillar. The Olympic Valley. The Olympic Valley harbors North America most prestigious ski terrain. The area is a favorite destination for most ski lovers around the world and a hotbed for winter sports. The Olympic Valley is also home to several resorts that cater for tourists who visit the area and other local businesses that provide supporting services to this resorts. Most of the residents of this area work in the tourism industry and other supporting industries. This literally means that the Lake Tahoe community and businesses around the area totally depend on tourism.

Andy Wirth says that the incorporation of Olympic Valley would have crippled the economy of this area. The incorporation meant that the businesses in the area would be subject to higher taxes thus their operations would be affected. On top of this, it meant that the area would have reduced access to social services and such as ice clearing and road maintenance. Andy Wirth and the Lake Tahoe community stood firm and protested against the incorporation motion. Andy Wirth had to dig deep into his resources to fight against this motion until it was dropped. This success against the incorporation motion means that businesses in the area would continue their operations normally.

Even as normalcy returns to Olympic Valley, the Lake Tahoe community and businesses in the area have more than one reason to smile. This is because the four-year drought that had hit the area just came to an end. In fact this season, business seems to have started on a good leg as the seasonal winds have come early. Most of the businesses and resorts in the area have already opened which is not always the case at this time. Andy Wirth expects that now that the drought is over tourists will flock the area in their thousands. He is positive that this season they might be able to recover what was lost during the drought. On his side, he is ready as his Squaw Valley Ski Holdings purchased the adjacent Alpine Meadows. The two resorts joined their ski terrains to come up with the longest ski terrain in the world. This is expected to pull more tourists in the area to their Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

Andy Wirth is the founder, owner, president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings which owns the Squaw Valley Ski Resort and the Alpine Meadows resort in Olympic Valley. He is very successful in business and also in his philanthropic efforts. He is the founder of the Wounded Warrior Support, a charity dedicated to helping Navy Seals veterans. He is also the founder of the Crowdrise charity campaign that raises funds to support the Navy Seals Foundation.

Published through the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Good News and Big Moves for Andy Wirth

Residents and the skiing community in the Lake Tahoe area share the memories of a tense but ultimately good past. The tension comes from the difference between proposed futures for the area. The conflict circles around supporters of incorporation and Squaw Valley LLC. The point man for the incorporation is Fred Ilfield, and at the wheel for Squaw Valley is CEO Andy Wirth. Naturally, both sides believe their proposed idea is better for business and residents in the community. For the side of incorporation the position rests on the notion of accountability. For Wirth and Squaw Valley, it is more about growth and service.

It turns out the Squaw Valley CEO has more will than the competition. Because even though both sides have substantial amounts of cash invested in their proposal, those wanting incorporation throw in the towel. Ilfield has thoughts as to why Wirth opposes incorporation. To these expressed concerns, Wirth remains firm that incorporation itself costs the community in the long run. With the tug-a-war between the sides over, a plan for growth that includes Squaw Valley and her sister resort Alpine Meadows gets the green light. This plan comes in the form of a gondola.

The plan to join and grow the resorts together comes after Wirth’s appointment to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. This appointment comes from the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority. Wirth is not alone in his appointment. There are two other members to the board appointed by the county. Wirth serves as the Chairman. This good news follows a few years after a particularly annoying drought. It also brings together two great organizations without the need for all the rigors of transporting between the two resorts. The change for the area is big, but in the long run definitely beneficial to the ski goers.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal

George Soros Donates Major Funds To Hilary Clinton Campaign

The Hilary Clinton Presidential campaign may be involved in a close battle with Senator Bernie Sanders in the race for the Presidential nomination for the Democrat’s, but George Soros has now thrown his financial muscle behind the former Secretary of State. Politico reports the Clinton campaign saw two small donations made by Soros to two separate Super PAC’s backing Clinton. These small donations have been followed in December 2015 by a $6 million donation made by Soros to the Priorities USA Super PAC seeking to find the best way of easing the way for Hilary Clinton to the White House.
George Soros has always taken a powerful interest in politics around the world, including the formation of his Open Society Foundations that fought the apartheid regime in South Africa. Soros has been an active participant in the U.S. political world for a number of years, including an active role with the Democrats when the 2004 election cycle gave them the chance to unseat sitting President Bush. As the role of Super PAC’s began to grow the influence of Soros became more important to the Democrat’s, which saw his backing of Barrack Obama assist in his election as the President of the United States.

There are many reasons for the return of George Soros to the political fold during the 2016 election race, which include the fact he has become closer to the Clinton camp following the 2008 elections. In 2012, Soros gave just $1 million to the reelection campaign of President Obama, which followed his reported discussion on regretting not backing Clinton during the 2008 elections. Super PAC’s are destined to play a major role in the 2016 elections after conservative donors stated they were on course to pass the $1 billion barrier in Super PAC donations. In what could be one of the closest Presidential races in many years the use of Super PAC’s could play a major role in the election of the eventual President. Emails have shown the close relationship between Soros and Clinton the hedge fund expert explained had come from an open door policy towards him by the former First Lady.