Charles Koch’s Dilemma: What If Trump Gets The Nomination?

What happens when you routinely make generous donations to Republican candidates, but you’re not fond of one of the candidates who has a good chance of winning the Republication nomination for President of the United States? We will have to look at Charles Koch to see what he does if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, especially if Trump faces Hilary Clinton in the general election. Koch Industries was under regulatory scrutiny during Bill Clinton’s administration; therefore it’s doubtful that Charles Koch would ever support another Clinton for president. The multibillionaire philanthropist from Wichita, Kansas does advocates liberal causes as well, including criminal justice reform and putting an end to over-incarceration, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what he will do.

Charles Koch earned his fortune by expanding the oil refining and chemical company he inherited from his father, turning it into the nation’s second largest privately company. Chairman of Koch Industries since 1967, Charles says he success is due to his philosophy of market-based management, which he explains in his books “The Science of Success” and “Good Profit”. There’s no denying that Charles Koch’s philosophy works; when he because chairman in 1967, the company was worth $50 million. Today Koch Industries is valued at $100 million.

Charles Koch, through his foundation, is encouraging others to succeed in business. Youth Entrepreneurs is a yearlong program available in schools throughout Kansas, which stresses to students that a college education and business ownership are achievable goals. With two degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Koch is a great example of what a person with a good education can achieve in life.

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