At A United Nations Conference In Paris Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães Had A Lot To Say About Global Warming

Ricardo Guimarães is not an ordinary Brazilian banker. He is considered a celebrity banker that has helped the people of Brazil in more ways than one. The Guimarães family have been a high profile family for years. Ricardo’s grandfather, Antonio, was a wealthy entrepreneur in the early 1900s, and his son, Flavio, and grandson, Ricardo followed in his footsteps. Ricardo created an innovative marketing plan that revolves around soccer sponsorships. The family bank, the BMG Bank, has become one of the most profitable banks in the country thanks to that soccer plan.

But Guimarães is more than just a banker, and he proved that at the recent United Nations and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development conference in Paris. Mr. Guimarães talked about the dilemma that is facing the world because of the high level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Scientist have been warning countries for years to cut CO2 emissions, and at the conference that message was repeated, but, this time, the consequences were spelled out so all the presidents and heads of state that attended the conference understood the urgency.

Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is making the Earth warmer than the typical warming cycle that occurs every 10,000 years. The Earth is getting so warm that an additional 2-degree increase will be the catalyst for ocean levels to rise to a point that has never been seen before. Major cities around the globe will be flooded, and populations will have to relocate inland, and that will create social, structural, economic and political issues that will be difficult to address.

Many of the attendees at the UN conference had ideas how to cut CO2 emissions, but almost all of them said reaching the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent will take time. But the scientists say there isn’t much time left.

There was some good news at the conference. Carbon dioxide emissions dropped by 0.6 percent in 2015, and Ricardo Guimarães told the attendees that Brazil is in the process of creating several projects like reforestation and alternative means of transportation in several big cities. Those projects could put Brazil at the top of the CO2 reduction list. But Guimarães said China, India, Russia, the UK and the United States must take the lead, and do more to cut emissions. The pollution in China and India is so bad that citizens are moving out of those cities to areas where the air is cleaner.

The United Nations and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development conference was successful, according to Guimarães. Countries around the globe now know the clock is ticking. There’s not a lot of time left to prevent a worldwide catastrophe.

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