Slyce Upgrades Their Visual Search Software

The younger generation of shoppers, especially millennials, enjoy the new technology that has been developed for consumers to have an easier time finding products online. However, any person that enjoys online shopping would benefit greatly from this advanced technology that allows the user to take a picture of an object in their surroundings in order to conduct the search. There are multiple start up companies who are looking forward to cracking the code that is visual search by pairing artificial intelligence with the supply and demand chains. There was an article from Live Mint that covered this topic in great detail, siting several start up companies who have raised funding for their visual search technology.

Slyce is an image recognition company that originally started as a tech company that specialized in data search for computer users, so they have a lot of experience in searching systems on broad terms already. However, this technology is so new and advanced that they are taking a bigger position in the market. Slyce makes it easy for users to find anything they want to purchase in their environment with just the camera on their phone. It is much easier than having to go through all the steps of searching with keywords that most users are used to doing to get their shopping done. It is especially helpful around the holidays because standing in long lines can be painful.

The teams at Slyce have made many upgrades to their systems to make the user experience easier and more fulfilling. The user on Slyce will find that they now have access to a newer feature called Slyce Link. This feature helps the user find alternative items when the item that they are searching for is out of stock at the store or online market. Slyce has joined forces with several large retailers, including Home Depot and Tilly’s. They also work with large online distributors, like The combination of retailers and online distributors gives their users a good mix of choices when they conduct a search, so the user will often see a better price than if they went to a store to purchase the item.

Visual search technology is quickly becoming a new sensation that will likely grow more within the upcoming years, so keep your eye on this industry.

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