Marcio Alaor Provides Market Forecasts From CES

The CES or Consumer Electronics Show is the most popular show of its kind, and Marcio Alaor of BMG Bank was in attendance. An article in Exame explains Marcio predictions for many of the products he saw at the show, and this article goes into some depth about each prediction. Marcio is responsible for investments at BMG, and he wants his customers to understand his position on new products. New electronics are not all perfect investments, and Marcio is honest in his assessment of each product.

#1: New Drones

A passenger drone developed in China is a promising device that can be flown by auto-pilot, and it will carry a few passengers to a pre-determined destination. Marcio believes that drone technology is impressive, but he has security concerns about such a device. He wants to see further security development for the drone before he is willing to put his money into the drones.

#2: Electric Cars

Electric cars were a major attraction at the show, and Marcio was impressed with electric cars from Chevrolet, Ford and Volkswagen. Electric car prices are falling because of advanced technology, and Marcio believes that new electric cars are better investment because of their advanced technology. Marcio does not recommend a certain vehicle, but he does want his investors to have a look at the future of driving. Electric cars will soon be the preferred option on the road even in Brazil.

#3: Smart House

Smart House is the most impressive item that came out of the show. Marcio notes that Smart House has a camera system that can take a picture of a house at any time. Someone with the Smart House system may use the camera in their refrigerator to choose which items must be purchased at the store, and cameras in the garage will tell homeowners if the doors are closed. Home automation has become extremely popular in recent years, and Smart House is using camera technology to make the transition worth it for homeowners.

#4: Samsung’s Refrigerator

Samsung has a refrigerator that will connect to the Smart House system, and the fridge has its cameras built in. Samsung likely has further plans for their new refrigerator, but the price is quite high at this time. A refrigerator that costs 5000 US dollars is likely too much for most consumers in Brazil. Marcio wants consumers to be on the lookout for new refrigerators that are cheaper in the future.

Marcio Alaor has given a full report on the events at CES by noting the most interesting investment opportunities. Electric cars are good investments at the present time, and home automation is on the rise. Other items are intriguing, but they are not yet up to Marcio’s standards.

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