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Charles Koch’s Dilemma: What If Trump Gets The Nomination?

What happens when you routinely make generous donations to Republican candidates, but you’re not fond of one of the candidates who has a good chance of winning the Republication nomination for President of the United States? We will have to look at Charles Koch to see what he does if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, especially if Trump faces Hilary Clinton in the general election. Koch Industries was under regulatory scrutiny during Bill Clinton’s administration; therefore it’s doubtful that Charles Koch would ever support another Clinton for president. The multibillionaire philanthropist from Wichita, Kansas does advocates liberal causes as well, including criminal justice reform and putting an end to over-incarceration, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what he will do.

Charles Koch earned his fortune by expanding the oil refining and chemical company he inherited from his father, turning it into the nation’s second largest privately company. Chairman of Koch Industries since 1967, Charles says he success is due to his philosophy of market-based management, which he explains in his books “The Science of Success” and “Good Profit”. There’s no denying that Charles Koch’s philosophy works; when he because chairman in 1967, the company was worth $50 million. Today Koch Industries is valued at $100 million.

Charles Koch, through his foundation, is encouraging others to succeed in business. Youth Entrepreneurs is a yearlong program available in schools throughout Kansas, which stresses to students that a college education and business ownership are achievable goals. With two degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Koch is a great example of what a person with a good education can achieve in life.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel Creating Smiles Around The World

Avi Weisfogel, prominent dentist and teacher. Avi Weisfogel graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Biology and Psychology. Weisfogel continued his education at the New York University College of Dentistry, receiving his DDS. While working at his dentistry practice, he realized the need for dentists to compliment their skills in the area of Sleep Apnea, and how this illness connects to the care of dentistry and physicians in this area.

It wasn’t long before Avi Weisfogel opened the Dental Sleep Masters, providing seminars and education to dentists interested in understanding and diagnosing Sleep Apnea in their dental patients.

It was not long after Weisfogel successfully started the Dental Sleep Masters educational program that he and his wife saw an opportunity to volunteer to accompany Dr. William P. Magee, Jr., a plastic surgeon, on one of the trips with Operation Smile leaving for the Philippines. Operation Smile had previously performed surgery on children and young adults who were born with deformities such as cleft palates and other birth deformities due to nutritional deficiencies and illness. Avi Weisfogel, a prominent dental physician, and teacher, accompanied by his wife, Katherine, a nurse and social worker, became dedicated volunteers traveling worldwide performing surgery for Operation Smile.

This program has helped over 200,000 children and young adults since inception without any cost to the patients or their families. They have a small staff of 17 physicians and technicians who have visited over 60 countries performing specialty surgery over and over again. To help cover the expenses and medicine necessary to continue the program, Dr. Weisfogel has started a fund to raise money for this cause. The name of the fund is Avi Weisfogel GoFund Me to benefit Operation Smile.

The enthusiasm of this medical group to help children all over the world comes from the hearts and skills of the team. Giving of themselves and seeing the smiles on the faces of every child they help is their reward, but they can’t perform miracles without the help of others. Please help add smiles around the world by giving to this exceptionally worthy cause and allow this medical team to add smiles in countries where children are unable to receive the medical help they need to eat properly, improve their health, and smile.

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Keith Mann Establishes Scholarship For Low Income Children

A quality public education is very important for young people. A quality education provides the foundation for future educational opportunities beyond high school. Even though a quality education is very important for young people, many children do not receive a quality education in public schools. This is why public charter schools have become very popular.

Uncommon Charter Schools is an organization that starts and manages public charter schools in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. The organization provides a quality education for low income children living in urban areas. The organization provides education for children starting from kindergarten up to high school.

Uncommon Charter Schools has a network of schools that serve over 40,000 children. In addition to offering a quality education for their students, Uncommon Charter Schools has been very successful at helping their students attend and graduate college.

Since many of the children who attend Uncommon Charter Schools come from low income families, many of the families cannot afford the cost of college. Therefore, financial assistance is always a need for the students attending Uncommon Charter Schools.

Keith Mann, a local businessman in the New York area, recently established a scholarship that he named the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The scholarship is for graduating seniors from an Uncommon Charter High School. The scholarship is awarded to help deserving students pay for college tuition.

The scholarship will be given to a deserving graduating senior each year. The scholarship amount is $5,000. Students interested in applying for the scholarship have until February 29, 2016. The scholarship winner will be announced by the end of March 2016.

Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). He also serves as the current CEO, and he manages the day-to-day business operations for the company. DSP is an executive search firm that matches quality applicants with businesses looking to fill key executive positions. Keith Mann is very experienced in the executive search field, and he has expertise in numerous areas such as staffing and hiring strategy.

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The Cleaning Pros of the Handy Company

With your Handy experts, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful and crystal clean home all the time. For so many people, it can be ideal knowing that the home is being cleaned from top to bottom without needing to do it themselves. Many individuals who own a home also do not have the energy or strength to get their home cleaned. This might be due to the fact that it is a senior living there or someone who is disabled and does not have the ability to keep their house looking its best.

When you make the decision to hire Handy, you are choosing a company that has been around for quite some time and has helped millions of people clean and maintain their homes for the better. The best thing about Handy is that you do not need to be rich or well-off just to be able to hire a maid. Many people who are on budgets can still afford to hire a maid through Handy, and this is what makes their service one of the best in the country as well as one of the most trusted that happens to be out there.

Once you decide that Handy is the right company for you, it is time for you to think about contacting them, using their website or even downloading their mobile app. Their mobile app, especially, makes it simple for you to set up an appointment, choose your cleaning expert local to your home and then even pay for these services when it is most convenient for you. For the vast majority of people out there, using Handy has been one of the quickest and easiest ways to get a cleaning expert to their home when they need it the most.

If you are a senior or are someone who is living with a disability, you will want to make sure that you put Handy as the number one company to use for cleaning help. Your home will always feel comfortable and clean and you will never have to worry about the way that it looks when you get company over for a visit. You will also notice that even on a budget, Handy makes it simple to afford their services and never worry that you are spending too much just to keep a home looking great and clean all throughout the year with the right pros.

James Dondero: Pioneering The Investment World

After graduating from the University of Virginia, James Dondero began a career in finance and investments. Jim Dondero worked for a variety of companies for several years in different roles, including analyst, Chief Investment Officer, portfolio manager and corporate bond analyst. He had these positions are companies such as American Express, a Protective Life GIC subsidiary and the Morgan Guaranty training program. Over the course of his career, Jim got certified as a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Certified Management Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant.

Jim Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. The fund had previously been the Protective Life GIC subsidiary that Jim Dondero had served as the Chief Investment Officer for. Jim then bought the company out and turned it into his own investment firm. In 1996, the firm began to stand out as a leader in the market when they started one of the very first non-bank collateralized loan obligations. In the 2 decades since their first CLO, Highland Capital and Dondero have managed to structure and monitor 39 CLOs and CDOs. The total asset value that was created is equivalent to 32 billion dollars, making Highland Capital the world’s largest CLO manager in the world.

Octa Finance recently took a look at the activity going on at Highland Capital. The online newspaper analyzed the company’s most recently filed 13F, which was filed for the third quarter of 2015. During the third quarter of 2015, Highland Capital Management saw a significant amount of change. The article discussed how the fund increased its positions in several stocks and sold out of quite a few as well.

The fund increased its position in Ldr Hldg Corp, Burlington Stores Inc, Salesforce Com Inc, Corning Inc, Kinder Morgan Inc Del, Patterson Companies Inc and American Airls Group Inc. The fund sold out its stakes in Laboratory Corp Amer Hldgs, Envision Healthcare Hldgs In, Mckesson Corp, Nexpoint Cr Strategis Fd and Spdr Series Trust.

The firm’s filing also revealed what its portfolio was worth at the end of quarter. By the end of the third quarter the portfolio’s value was down by 1.49 billion dollars from the second quarter’s 4.91 billion dollars. This amount represents the fund’s equity exposure and only accounts for roughly 22 percent of the firm’s assets under management, which is roughly 15 billion dollars.

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Town Residential Makes Real Estate Predictions

For the past decade, one of the leading residential real estate firms in New York City has been Town Residential. Town Residential has been a leader when it has come to sales and leasing for all types of residential real estate in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the rest of the city. The company has a large team of experienced brokers, agents, and consultants, which can ensure that their clients get the best deal possible.


Beyond providing sales services, the company also is frequently involved in delivering the best market knowledge and is known for making accurate predictions about the future of the real estate market in New York City apartments for sale. Earlier this year, the company made many bold predictions for the near future of the city’s real estate market.


The first prediction made is that the recent hot trend in real estate will cool largely due to increases in the interest rates. The federal government recently increased key interest rates, which ultimately will result in higher mortgage rates. While rates are incredibly low compared to historical averages, they are bound to increase throughout the year. Interest rates increasing will then result in less affordability, which will result in lower demand.


Another prediction is that the typical buyer will now take longer to make a decision on what they will buy. Many buyers in recent years have felt the pressure to make very quick decisions. In the coming year, there will likely be more supply than in prior years, which will mean a buyer has more choices. This will likely lead to longer times for homes to sit on the market, which could lead to a decline in prices.


Town Residential also thinks that buyers will now focus more on prime markets throughout the city. Along with longer wait times for sellers and increased supply, more buyers will try to get into the best areas of the city than ever before. Buyers will likely find that they will be able to get better deals and have more negotiating power in these neighborhoods than they would have had in recent years.

At A United Nations Conference In Paris Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães Had A Lot To Say About Global Warming

Ricardo Guimarães is not an ordinary Brazilian banker. He is considered a celebrity banker that has helped the people of Brazil in more ways than one. The Guimarães family have been a high profile family for years. Ricardo’s grandfather, Antonio, was a wealthy entrepreneur in the early 1900s, and his son, Flavio, and grandson, Ricardo followed in his footsteps. Ricardo created an innovative marketing plan that revolves around soccer sponsorships. The family bank, the BMG Bank, has become one of the most profitable banks in the country thanks to that soccer plan.

But Guimarães is more than just a banker, and he proved that at the recent United Nations and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development conference in Paris. Mr. Guimarães talked about the dilemma that is facing the world because of the high level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Scientist have been warning countries for years to cut CO2 emissions, and at the conference that message was repeated, but, this time, the consequences were spelled out so all the presidents and heads of state that attended the conference understood the urgency.

Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is making the Earth warmer than the typical warming cycle that occurs every 10,000 years. The Earth is getting so warm that an additional 2-degree increase will be the catalyst for ocean levels to rise to a point that has never been seen before. Major cities around the globe will be flooded, and populations will have to relocate inland, and that will create social, structural, economic and political issues that will be difficult to address.

Many of the attendees at the UN conference had ideas how to cut CO2 emissions, but almost all of them said reaching the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent will take time. But the scientists say there isn’t much time left.

There was some good news at the conference. Carbon dioxide emissions dropped by 0.6 percent in 2015, and Ricardo Guimarães told the attendees that Brazil is in the process of creating several projects like reforestation and alternative means of transportation in several big cities. Those projects could put Brazil at the top of the CO2 reduction list. But Guimarães said China, India, Russia, the UK and the United States must take the lead, and do more to cut emissions. The pollution in China and India is so bad that citizens are moving out of those cities to areas where the air is cleaner.

The United Nations and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development conference was successful, according to Guimarães. Countries around the globe now know the clock is ticking. There’s not a lot of time left to prevent a worldwide catastrophe.

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U.S. Money Reserve Director Philip Diehl Indirectly Discusses George Soros and the Current World Markets


The U.S. Money Reserve has a developed a well-deserved reputation for their expertise in precious metals investment. They have clients throughout the world, and they have specialists in many different related fields. They have experts that are senior gold specialists, numismatic experts, customer relations specialists, business support professionals, and employees who are involved in the vault and shipping department and coin research professionals as well. All of these individuals are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your investment transaction is done in an effective manner. Many individuals employed with the company are also experts on world markets and events and know how they can affect an individual’s investment portfolio. Former mint director and current director of the U.S. Money Reserve Philip Diehl is one such individual. During a recent podcast, he was interviewed and gave his take on how different world events can affect an investment portfolio. Here are the main points that he made:

1. Another financial crisis might be looming.

Investment professionals are trained to look at all of the influences that the market might play on a client’s investment portfolio. Diehl pointed out during the interview that events such as the 2008 financial crisis can play a large role in the health of an investment portfolio. Individuals such as billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros feel that the world economy is due for another financial crisis. Diehl said that investments in precious might take a hit, but they are usually able to recover quicker than other assets.

2. ETFs are creating a new demand for gold.

Philip Diehl encouraged investment in gold during the podcast and noted that gold has undergone an increasing amount of demand because of the ETF market. As a result, Diehl feels that the time is now to invest in gold.

3. There is a large demand for gold in other countries.

Another factor can be the fact that gold is seeing an increased demand in foreign countries. Nations such as China and India are growing in population and many of the upper middle class are looking for a way to diversify their investment portfolio. They are discovering that gold is an effective way to accomplish that goal.

4. The dollar may have reached a peak.

Diehl concluded the interview by noting that the dollar has continued to rise in value during the past 18 months. He feels that it is due to come down, and when that occurs the market for gold will rise.

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Marcio Alaor Provides Market Forecasts From CES

The CES or Consumer Electronics Show is the most popular show of its kind, and Marcio Alaor of BMG Bank was in attendance. An article in Exame explains Marcio predictions for many of the products he saw at the show, and this article goes into some depth about each prediction. Marcio is responsible for investments at BMG, and he wants his customers to understand his position on new products. New electronics are not all perfect investments, and Marcio is honest in his assessment of each product.

#1: New Drones

A passenger drone developed in China is a promising device that can be flown by auto-pilot, and it will carry a few passengers to a pre-determined destination. Marcio believes that drone technology is impressive, but he has security concerns about such a device. He wants to see further security development for the drone before he is willing to put his money into the drones.

#2: Electric Cars

Electric cars were a major attraction at the show, and Marcio was impressed with electric cars from Chevrolet, Ford and Volkswagen. Electric car prices are falling because of advanced technology, and Marcio believes that new electric cars are better investment because of their advanced technology. Marcio does not recommend a certain vehicle, but he does want his investors to have a look at the future of driving. Electric cars will soon be the preferred option on the road even in Brazil.

#3: Smart House

Smart House is the most impressive item that came out of the show. Marcio notes that Smart House has a camera system that can take a picture of a house at any time. Someone with the Smart House system may use the camera in their refrigerator to choose which items must be purchased at the store, and cameras in the garage will tell homeowners if the doors are closed. Home automation has become extremely popular in recent years, and Smart House is using camera technology to make the transition worth it for homeowners.

#4: Samsung’s Refrigerator

Samsung has a refrigerator that will connect to the Smart House system, and the fridge has its cameras built in. Samsung likely has further plans for their new refrigerator, but the price is quite high at this time. A refrigerator that costs 5000 US dollars is likely too much for most consumers in Brazil. Marcio wants consumers to be on the lookout for new refrigerators that are cheaper in the future.

Marcio Alaor has given a full report on the events at CES by noting the most interesting investment opportunities. Electric cars are good investments at the present time, and home automation is on the rise. Other items are intriguing, but they are not yet up to Marcio’s standards.

Slyce Upgrades Their Visual Search Software

The younger generation of shoppers, especially millennials, enjoy the new technology that has been developed for consumers to have an easier time finding products online. However, any person that enjoys online shopping would benefit greatly from this advanced technology that allows the user to take a picture of an object in their surroundings in order to conduct the search. There are multiple start up companies who are looking forward to cracking the code that is visual search by pairing artificial intelligence with the supply and demand chains. There was an article from Live Mint that covered this topic in great detail, siting several start up companies who have raised funding for their visual search technology.

Slyce is an image recognition company that originally started as a tech company that specialized in data search for computer users, so they have a lot of experience in searching systems on broad terms already. However, this technology is so new and advanced that they are taking a bigger position in the market. Slyce makes it easy for users to find anything they want to purchase in their environment with just the camera on their phone. It is much easier than having to go through all the steps of searching with keywords that most users are used to doing to get their shopping done. It is especially helpful around the holidays because standing in long lines can be painful.

The teams at Slyce have made many upgrades to their systems to make the user experience easier and more fulfilling. The user on Slyce will find that they now have access to a newer feature called Slyce Link. This feature helps the user find alternative items when the item that they are searching for is out of stock at the store or online market. Slyce has joined forces with several large retailers, including Home Depot and Tilly’s. They also work with large online distributors, like The combination of retailers and online distributors gives their users a good mix of choices when they conduct a search, so the user will often see a better price than if they went to a store to purchase the item.

Visual search technology is quickly becoming a new sensation that will likely grow more within the upcoming years, so keep your eye on this industry.