The Most Admirable Man in Michigan state: Dick DeVos

“Wealth comes from how much that you give.” I am one of the believers of such a saying. The society appreciates people who give to the less fortunate or for a good cause such as education. The amount of money that you can contribute to a charitable cause shows the kind of man that you are. Dick DeVos is one of the most charitable men in the state of Michigan. I admire his works and his ability to donate through his foundations. Together with his wife, Betsy, they have been able to donate funds into their organizations that help various people in Michigan and out of the state. During 2013, an IRS report indicates that he donated $7 million through his foundation. The donations were ranging from $250 to $1 million. Moreover, it was going to help people in schools, art centers, hospitals and the community and in faith based organizations. The money from his foundations has helped improved some of the public schools in the district. Additionally, it has made an impact at Great State Valley University where he has been donating for a few years. I think his charitable works makes him an admirable man in Michigan. He is the first to celebrate his community’s advances and has supported them throughout the years financially, and in turn the community loves him back.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dick DeVos comes from Michigan and is the son of Richard Devos (who was the co-founder of Amway Corporation). He is married to Elizabeth DeVos and they have four children. He has worked for Amway Corporation since 1974 to early 1990s where he performed various duties within the organization. In 1984, became the Vice President for the company. He helped to spearhead it into an international corporation with presence in 18 countries. However, when the family acquired National Basketball’s Association in 1991, he moved to the company and became the president and CEO. However, his stay was short-lived when he left his position at the association and rejoined his father in his company. He became the new president and CEO in 1993 before leaving to start his own business. Learn more about Dick’s career by connecting with him on his LinkedIn profile.

He has played a significant role in the politics of Michigan. Considering he is a wealthy man, he ran his own campaigns when he was vying for the governor for the state. Unfortunately, he lost to Jennifer Granholm in 2006. 
After the elections, he has continued to play roles in donations and the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. One of his foundations offers scholarships to students who wish to pursue MA, MBA or MSc. He focuses more on students who hail from developing nations. 

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