Crystal Hunt: From Soaps To The Big Screen To Primetime Drama

It was karma for Crystal Hunt,at only 17 years old, to be noticed by an agent while she was attending a workshop for actors in New York. The agent offered Crystal the role of Lizzie Spaulding on the daytime soap, The Guiding Light. Crystal was nominated for an Emmy while she played this part and enjoyed working for the soap for four years.

Crystal’s charismatic personality, fully evident on her Instagram profile, gave her the opportunity for her first motion picture role while she was still working for The Guiding Light soap. She played the female lead in the movie, The Derby Stallion, opposite a young Zac Efron.

After leaving The Guiding Light, Crystal costarred with then teen favorite, Amanda Bynes, in the movie Sydney White. A movie about being an outcast, (Bynes), on the college campus and conflict with campus queen, (Hunt). The movie was cute, funny, and typical good girl versus bad girl.

Crystal was given the chance to play Stacy Morasco, in 2009, on daytime TV soap One Life To Live. Enjoying her role as sexy, troubled teen she played “Stacy” three years before she was cast in another film.

NYC Underground, a movie about a group of teenagers on their way to a concert in Brooklyn when one of the guys decides to get involved in a drug deal. The deal turns bad and the kids are on the run. The film, released in 2013, gave Hunt a chance to work with Dania Ramirez, Arielle Kebbel, and Evan Ross.

IMDb shows that next on the agenda for Hunt was film, 23 Blast. The film was a true story based on a high school football star who goes blind after getting an infection in his eyes. Crystal plays the “older” woman who takes an interest in the blind football star. Dylan Baker not only played in the movie but it was also his first time directing a debut feature film. Released in 2014, Hunt starred with Baker, Stephen Lang, and Timothy Busfield.

2015, looks to be an enterprising year for Crystal if her website can be any judge. Hunt and an all-star cast of some of the most powerful women to work on TV, star and work behind the scenes in this drama….with all of them hoping for a shot at more stardom, but on THEIR terms.

While filming Queens of Drama, Crystal was also flying back and forth to Savannah, Georgia, where she was filming the sequel Magic Mike XXL.

Reconnecting with best friend, Dania Ramirez, Hunt has also co-produced her first feature film, Talbot County, a horror film that was inspired by a true story.  Crystal’s birthday is coming up as well, so make sure to celebrate with her!

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