Eucatex is One of Brazil’s Premier Companies

The nation of Brazil has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Many Brazilian companies have been able to harness the power of the local region to be able expand. Those who want to start a business in this region know that they can count on the local area workforce to help any business flourish and do well both nationally and internationally as well. This is one of many reasons why companies such as Eucatex have done so well internationally. Eucatex was founded more than four decades ago to help meet certain specific needs in the furniture industry and other industries such as that of industrial construction.

Since the company’s founding, it has seen tremendous growth. What was once a relatively small factory has been expanded into a complex that includes two separate spaces where products are manufactured and sold to various companies. Companies who wish to purchase paints and varnishes that are made from high quality, durable ingredients can do so over here. Those companies in need of flooring that is made from material that will look good but stand up to many years of use can also find it here. The company also has additional unit that is devoted to helping make sure seedlings are planted to help maintain the environment and offer future generations enjoyable forests.

One of the driving forces behind the success of the company is the company’s present day head Flavio Maluf. Maluf is one of the nation’s leading business executives. Under his leadership, the company has seen major growth all across Brazil and tremendous expansion in new markets both in Brazil and abroad. Maluf is a highly trained engineer with a background that has helped prepare him for the task of running the company and working with the company’s employees and their clients at the same time.

His Facebook shows that Maluf understands the need for continued expansion into new markets as well as the need for Brazilians to continue to work with the local area workforce to help them prepare for the needs of today’s international business. He values education highly and often works with his employees to help them get the kind of training they need to assume leadership roles in the company. As the company continues to look for new and better means of production, his own leadership is expected to be an integral part of this process and enable it to see further growth.  Flavio continues to be a source of advice, whether on a big merger, or even asking him about how to run a family business.  That’s why the people of Brazil trust him so much.

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