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Philip Diehl Of The U.S. Money Reserve Gives His Thoughts On Currency Issues

The U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl has recently appeared on the CNBC morning show “Squawk Box”, which was focusing on the changes that could be made to the production of currency to make the U.S. economy more profitable. PR Newswire reports the discussion focused on the different coins that are currently in general circulation and how their production costs the taxpayer a large amount of money each year. The focus fell on the nickel and the penny as the two coins most at risk of being put out of circulation, largely because of their high cost of production.

Philip Diehl is just one of the officials at the U.S. Money reserve with a long history of working in the currency and precious metals market, Diehl was a Director at the U.S. Mint before joining the company. The U.S. Money reserve has always looked to work with individuals who have the best possible experience in associated markets. Following the early success of the company that was formed by a group of precious metals dealers the company has looked to different industries to find its professionals; in order to provide the best possible service for their clients the U.S. Money Reserve has employed experts in metals and research to test the government issued coins customers invest in.

During his early morning TV appearance Philip Diehl gave his opinion that the penny should be removed from the general circulation of U.S. currency. The U.S. Money Reserve President believes the nickel has the chance to be redesigned by experts in a bid to lower its 9.4 cents price tag for each five cent coin. In contrast, a redesign of the penny is virtually impossible and the $105 million per year spent on producing new pennies would be a significant saving for the taxpayers of the U.S.

The Most Admirable Man in Michigan state: Dick DeVos

“Wealth comes from how much that you give.” I am one of the believers of such a saying. The society appreciates people who give to the less fortunate or for a good cause such as education. The amount of money that you can contribute to a charitable cause shows the kind of man that you are. Dick DeVos is one of the most charitable men in the state of Michigan. I admire his works and his ability to donate through his foundations. Together with his wife, Betsy, they have been able to donate funds into their organizations that help various people in Michigan and out of the state. During 2013, an IRS report indicates that he donated $7 million through his foundation. The donations were ranging from $250 to $1 million. Moreover, it was going to help people in schools, art centers, hospitals and the community and in faith based organizations. The money from his foundations has helped improved some of the public schools in the district. Additionally, it has made an impact at Great State Valley University where he has been donating for a few years. I think his charitable works makes him an admirable man in Michigan. He is the first to celebrate his community’s advances and has supported them throughout the years financially, and in turn the community loves him back.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dick DeVos comes from Michigan and is the son of Richard Devos (who was the co-founder of Amway Corporation). He is married to Elizabeth DeVos and they have four children. He has worked for Amway Corporation since 1974 to early 1990s where he performed various duties within the organization. In 1984, became the Vice President for the company. He helped to spearhead it into an international corporation with presence in 18 countries. However, when the family acquired National Basketball’s Association in 1991, he moved to the company and became the president and CEO. However, his stay was short-lived when he left his position at the association and rejoined his father in his company. He became the new president and CEO in 1993 before leaving to start his own business. Learn more about Dick’s career by connecting with him on his LinkedIn profile.

He has played a significant role in the politics of Michigan. Considering he is a wealthy man, he ran his own campaigns when he was vying for the governor for the state. Unfortunately, he lost to Jennifer Granholm in 2006. 
After the elections, he has continued to play roles in donations and the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. One of his foundations offers scholarships to students who wish to pursue MA, MBA or MSc. He focuses more on students who hail from developing nations. 

OrganoGold Promotes Healthy Coffee And Tea For Everyone

Coffee and tea are two of the most popular drinks around the world, and nearly every country around the world has its own way of making coffee and tea. OrganoGold is a Filipino brand that allows its customers to drink healthy coffee and tea any time they like, and their products are sold around the world by independent sellers who run their own small businesses. OrganoGold touts its organic qualifications above all else, and the brand is the best in the world at delivering quality. This article explains why OrganoGold is the best choice for anyone who loves coffee and tea.

#1: Organic Growing From The Beginning

Organic growing is the hallmark of the OrganoGold brand. Their company has worked with farmers throughout many small islands in the Philippines who grow in the organic style, and the company only accepts the best beans and leaves. OrganoGold pays fair prices for its products, but the products are not overpriced. Anyone who is shopping with the OrganoGold brand will find that the prices are fair while the taste is wonderful.

#2: Organic Products Taste Better

CEO Bernardo Chua has been using the flavor of OrganoGold products to ensure that their company is positioned at the top of the market, and the health benefits of his drink have made it extremely popular. The flavor of their coffee and tea is wonderful, and their private sellers are given an opportunity to show their customers how much better OrganoGold tastes. The flavor has been popular in Asia for a long time, but the flavor is coming to America.

#3: New Energy Drinks

Bernardo Chua has brought the OrganoGold company name to Turkey, and he has a new energy drink that will offer the same flavor as the coffees and teas produced by the company. LinkedIn shows that Bernardo is a brilliant marketer who is using the same effective marketing campaign used in Asia with his new energy drink. Energy drinks are extremely popular in America, and each customer in America will make the change when they discover how delicious it is.

The OrganoGold brand has made its way to the shores of America with a better flavor and a new energy drink for everyone. There are wonderful new sellers in North America who want to make their money selling OrganoGold, and the brand will begin to penetrate the energy drink in America. Great flavor and brilliant marketing will turn the OrganoGold brand into America’s favorite flavor in a short period of time.  Follow Bernie’s facebook for continued updates about where the company is going next.

Is it 2008 All Over Again? That’s What George Soros Predicts

From the 1970s until now, George Soros has built a multi-billion dollar empire. Therefore, many investors turn to him for investment advice. However, not all economists agree with his latest prediction.

Soros speaks of signs that another recession like the one that took place in 2008 might occur. For instance, Bloomberg reports trade halts and declining currency value in China. Furthermore, the Dow Jones Industrial average fluctuated drastically since October before reaching its -392.41 crash on January 7, 2016. According to The Daily Mail, plummeting stock values were the lowest they had been in about three months.

Asian stock market indexes also declined within the first week of January. Likewise, evidences of possible global economic fallout were also prevalent in NASDAQ and S&P 500 indexes during this same period. Economists are still investigating this matter, but currently the main cause seems to be the devaluation of the Chinese yuan. In fact, this country had stopped trade twice during the same week as the January 7 crash.

It’s times like these that often make investors nervous. As a result, George Soros started warning people that another 2008 market crash could be coming. However, is there really enough evidence to support another possible recession? Determining this usually requires looking at several factors that could trigger a sudden economic change.

For instance, The Economist reports that the United States manufacturing ISM index right now reads at about 48.2, which is not far from the standard 50-point level expected. However, it seems that economists would be more concerned if this number were to drop to 45 or less. Currently, a more important concern is the fact that China’s debt-to-GDP level has risen by 50 percent within the past four years. The fear that other Asian countries will also devalue their currencies also seems to be very real right now.

On the other hand, it seems that the services sectors in the United States are doing quite well. There is even signs of increased employment in these fields. Furthermore, Germany experienced a modest 1.5 percent increase in new orders in November. In addition, there is now an increased awareness of the reckless spending that took place in 2008 as related to obtaining loans for various reasons despite credit history.

George Soros might be onto something – that investors need to be cautious. His hugest concern is not necessarily what will happen, but rather he is keeping an eye out for what could happen. As a world-renowned hedge funds investor, his opinion on the economy seems to be well-respected.

How Artificial Intelligence Has Grown And Why Slyce Has Continued To Be The Leader In Offering Solutions

We are living in a world where technology plays a very vital role when matters related to defining the lives we live in different angles are concerned. Many of us have most definitely heard about Artificial Intelligence. In the recent couple of years, it has gone through very many ups and downs to get to the position it is in today. Investors and founders in the niche have gained and lost billions of dollars in the journey and with time, they have managed to break new grounds cycle after cycle.

AI is in very many online platforms that we use today. For the last 5-10 years, the technology has steadily and slowly found its way into eCommerce and daily online shopping. Similar to very many other applications, it has quietly and easily become one of the most highly used technologies of today’s era. This has been very highly contributed to the influx of online stores that have mushroomed with a very big majority of them competing to get the customers attention from different parts of the globe.

According to Deccan Herald, the visual search technology has been very useful in shopping matters and it plays a very imperative role in helping customers decide which products to pick and which ones to leave. It has however, had a very big impact on online shopping for fashion products where it has been allowing shoppers to take photos and search from a database to find an exact match for the photographed item.

One of the most respected companies with the most reliable and powerful artificial intelligence solutions is Slyce. Since the company was started, it has been in the business of producing its clients with the most reliable visual search technology solutions that have played a very crucial role in shaping the future of internet use and eCommerce by setting brand new standards for customer engagement purposes.

The company has several solutions that are custom made for online retailers to use with their customers. It has a technology that is able to handle up to three-dimensional images and at the same time, provide retailers with an image scanning solution that is completely integrated with their inventory.

Different with other similar products in the market, the company’s technology has the ability to scan barcodes, coupons and QR codes. Its Universal Scanner is a perfect and straight forward solution for online retailers because it offers the best image matching capabilities in the market currently.

Crystal Hunt: From Soaps To The Big Screen To Primetime Drama

It was karma for Crystal Hunt,at only 17 years old, to be noticed by an agent while she was attending a workshop for actors in New York. The agent offered Crystal the role of Lizzie Spaulding on the daytime soap, The Guiding Light. Crystal was nominated for an Emmy while she played this part and enjoyed working for the soap for four years.

Crystal’s charismatic personality, fully evident on her Instagram profile, gave her the opportunity for her first motion picture role while she was still working for The Guiding Light soap. She played the female lead in the movie, The Derby Stallion, opposite a young Zac Efron.

After leaving The Guiding Light, Crystal costarred with then teen favorite, Amanda Bynes, in the movie Sydney White. A movie about being an outcast, (Bynes), on the college campus and conflict with campus queen, (Hunt). The movie was cute, funny, and typical good girl versus bad girl.

Crystal was given the chance to play Stacy Morasco, in 2009, on daytime TV soap One Life To Live. Enjoying her role as sexy, troubled teen she played “Stacy” three years before she was cast in another film.

NYC Underground, a movie about a group of teenagers on their way to a concert in Brooklyn when one of the guys decides to get involved in a drug deal. The deal turns bad and the kids are on the run. The film, released in 2013, gave Hunt a chance to work with Dania Ramirez, Arielle Kebbel, and Evan Ross.

IMDb shows that next on the agenda for Hunt was film, 23 Blast. The film was a true story based on a high school football star who goes blind after getting an infection in his eyes. Crystal plays the “older” woman who takes an interest in the blind football star. Dylan Baker not only played in the movie but it was also his first time directing a debut feature film. Released in 2014, Hunt starred with Baker, Stephen Lang, and Timothy Busfield.

2015, looks to be an enterprising year for Crystal if her website can be any judge. Hunt and an all-star cast of some of the most powerful women to work on TV, star and work behind the scenes in this drama….with all of them hoping for a shot at more stardom, but on THEIR terms.

While filming Queens of Drama, Crystal was also flying back and forth to Savannah, Georgia, where she was filming the sequel Magic Mike XXL.

Reconnecting with best friend, Dania Ramirez, Hunt has also co-produced her first feature film, Talbot County, a horror film that was inspired by a true story.  Crystal’s birthday is coming up as well, so make sure to celebrate with her!

White Shark Hears Common Industry Complaints And Preemptively Adjusts For Better Customer Service

White Shark Media takes complaints very seriously, even when they aren’t complaints about their own service. Just by listening to small business owners, White Shark Media has evolved to provide cutting edge customer service that meets the demands of the modern day small business.

One of the most common complaints that business owners have is about the representative assigned to their AdWords campaign. The rep is a person who is responsible for day to day communication between the client and the AdWords management team. That representative is supposed to be available for questions or requests to the client. This is a very practical service that most AdWords companies provide. But there are pitfalls, and that’s where the common complaint is made.

Often times, businesses complain about how the rep is not available. This is a breakdown in communication that can derail an entire campaign. Without effective communication, ideas and innovation cannot be shared, complaints will not be heard and the effectiveness of the campaign can suffer. White Shark Media addresses this head on by assigning reps that are readily available. Also, the client is given the phone number of the rep’s supervisor who is also available for communication. This ensures that communication channels are always open.

But some complaints about the rep go even further. Businesses have also complained that the rep sometimes behaves in a way that is contrary to the interests of the business. Now, I cannot speculate as to what inspires this type of reckless behavior, but this is a very serious complaint. A representative that behaves in this fashion may not only subvert the efforts of the campaign, but could give the AdWords team a bad reputation, ultimately putting the entire company at risk.

At White Shark Media, they assign a senior SEM Consultant to each and every campaign. These senior officers overlook the entire process, from sign up to optimization. This kind of oversight ensures that each and every person representation the campaign is acting in good faith and providing the best possible service.

Now, that senior official is not the primary rep for the client, but is available for questions through the rep. This ensures the best possible communication for the client while allowing the senior consultant to focus on the campaign itself. And the client also gets the rep to translate what the senior consultant says, just in case the senior official uses technical words or phrases. Now the client is always in the loop and gets the best possible customer service.

By taking these steps, White Shark Media has preemptively eliminated the possibility of a breakdown of communication complaint. And they did this just by listening to people throughout the industry and adjusting.

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Manse On Marsh Helps Seniors Live Comfortably

Manse On Marsh is an assisted living facility that welcomes seniors and their families every day. The facility is a safe place for families to bring their loved ones who are in need of assistance, and the facility helps seniors live their golden years well. This article explains what Manse On Marsh does for the seniors and their families who become a part of the Manse On Marsh community, there’s also a blog dedicated to much the same thing.

#1: Assisted Living Required Full-Time Help

The staff at Manse On Marsh helps seniors get around the facility when needed as reviews show. Seniors may need walkers or wheelchairs, and the staff is available to help seniors who have mobility issues. Seniors may request help with their food, bathing and medications. There is a member of the staff available at all times to help residents, and every senior will receive immediate assistance upon request.

#2: Medical Checkups

Seniors who come to Manse On Marsh will receive the medical checkups and care they need. Many seniors must leave their homes because they require full-time medical care, and Manse On Marsh offers medical care from professional nurses and doctors. Each nurse checks on patients using a routine, and doctors may be contacted when extra assistance is needed. The medical care that the family cannot provide is available to every senior who lives at Manse On Marsh.

#3: Community Activities

Manse On Marsh works very hard to create a community atmosphere for everyone. There are many events that residents may participate in, and each resident gets closer to their fellow residents over time. Manse On Marsh feels like a family, and everyone who is involved in the Manse On Marsh community is welcome at any time, and family members may come to visit when they like. Bringing people together is a large part of the Manse On Marsh mission.

#4: Dietary Assistance

Info sites say Manse On Marsh offers dietary assistance to every senior who comes through the door. There are many dietary needs that must be met for seniors to stay healthy, and the Manse On Marsh staff ensures that each senior has their needs met properly. Everyone who has a dietary issue will see that dietary issue settled immediately, and special food is made to the resident’s liking. Residents need not worry about eating food they do not enjoy.

The Manse On Marsh family is a welcoming community that wants seniors and their loved ones to feel welcome when they enter the facility. Every senior may quickly get settled in a room that will host them, and the staff will begin to tend to their needs. Someone who wants to place their elderly loved one in a safe environment may come to Manse On Marsh for assistance today.

Eucatex is One of Brazil’s Premier Companies

The nation of Brazil has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Many Brazilian companies have been able to harness the power of the local region to be able expand. Those who want to start a business in this region know that they can count on the local area workforce to help any business flourish and do well both nationally and internationally as well. This is one of many reasons why companies such as Eucatex have done so well internationally. Eucatex was founded more than four decades ago to help meet certain specific needs in the furniture industry and other industries such as that of industrial construction.

Since the company’s founding, it has seen tremendous growth. What was once a relatively small factory has been expanded into a complex that includes two separate spaces where products are manufactured and sold to various companies. Companies who wish to purchase paints and varnishes that are made from high quality, durable ingredients can do so over here. Those companies in need of flooring that is made from material that will look good but stand up to many years of use can also find it here. The company also has additional unit that is devoted to helping make sure seedlings are planted to help maintain the environment and offer future generations enjoyable forests.

One of the driving forces behind the success of the company is the company’s present day head Flavio Maluf. Maluf is one of the nation’s leading business executives. Under his leadership, the company has seen major growth all across Brazil and tremendous expansion in new markets both in Brazil and abroad. Maluf is a highly trained engineer with a background that has helped prepare him for the task of running the company and working with the company’s employees and their clients at the same time.

His Facebook shows that Maluf understands the need for continued expansion into new markets as well as the need for Brazilians to continue to work with the local area workforce to help them prepare for the needs of today’s international business. He values education highly and often works with his employees to help them get the kind of training they need to assume leadership roles in the company. As the company continues to look for new and better means of production, his own leadership is expected to be an integral part of this process and enable it to see further growth.  Flavio continues to be a source of advice, whether on a big merger, or even asking him about how to run a family business.  That’s why the people of Brazil trust him so much.

George Soros Warns it’s a 2008 Financial Crisis All Over Again


Countless investors have respected George Soros for his investment knowledge for at least a few decades. Therefore, when he says that the current economy is echoing that of what preceded the 2008 recession, investors pay attention. After hearing Soros’ latest warnings, individuals and businesses are probably questioning what this means for them.

Mainstream forecasters are not yet declaring another recession. However, January 7, 2015 was the worst day for stock market investors in three months. As reported on this day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted by more than 390 points, and the main economic dip seems to be occurring within Chinese trade markets. In fact, investors have made mention of economic turmoil in trading for the second time in a week in China.

The fact that China, the world’s second largest superpower, is suffering economically could be one of the reasons for Soros’ latest predictions about a repeat of 2008. However, some economists say it is too early to tell. At the same time, other economic problems suggest that there could be a recession on the horizon.

For instance, the manufacturing sector in the United States seems to be suffering. The current ISM indicator is about 48.2, which is about two points below the level it should be. This in and of itself does not indicate a recession, but if the ISM indicator drops below 45, this could be cause for concern. Furthermore, it is said that global trade is taking place at a slower rate than in the past.

George Soros focused specifically on China in some of his latest predictions, however. One of the hugest concerns right now is that this country’s debt-to-GDP ratio has risen by 50 percent in the past four years. How China handles their current economic issues could play a part in what happens in the rest of the world.

As far as the service industries are concerned, they seem to be more robust than the manufacturing sectors. According to recent ADP reports, the service industry ISM measured at a 55.3 in December. Furthermore, there is evidence of increasing employment within the service fields.

Although global economic growth seems sluggish, it does not seem likely that a recession will happen. However, certain triggers such as a possible war between Saudi Arabia and Iran could set the economy into a downward spiral. Only time will tell, and many people are currently keeping watch. George Soros provides his wisdom based on his four decades’ worth of investment and financial experience.