Social Media Shows The Creative Side Of Villanova Athlete Urbana

Jon Urbana is one of the best known businesspeople in Colorado, but has also been shown to be a very creative person who can transcend a series of different areas of interest. The work of Jon Urbana is based around the Ellipse USA brand, for which he is the Head of Business. The Laser and pulsed light hardware supplier has been growing by large amounts under the stewardship of Urbana, who has led the company as more and more medical spas and physician’s offices have looked to add these types of therapies to their services.

Known to many as the lacrosse player who led Villanova to quite a few runs in the NCAA tournament, there’s a lot more to Urbana than the All-American he became in addition to the sportsmanship awards he won at Villanova. After this, he played on the pro lacrosse circuit for quite some time before founding Next Level Lacrosse Camp, held annually every summer for high school kids who play at a competitive level.

Social media plays an important role in the life of Jon Urbana who has looked to increase his visibility as a creative person and expert in business. Urbana is active across a number of social media platforms he uses for both business and leisure purposes. Not only does Jon Urbana use his social media sites to publicize his career and business ventures, but he also uses these platforms to add influences to his creative pursuits.

Jon Urbana has also been looking to use his social media platforms to express his love of photography, which he uses to explore his own work as a nature and food photographer. Alongside his own work Jon Urbana has also been keen to express his thanks to those who have influenced his career and skills as a photographer, which includes some of the best known fashion photographers in the world who are referenced on his social media accounts.

Photography has not been the only area of creative success for Jon Urbana, who has found success in a surprising area of the music industry. Urbana has looked away from his experience as a guitarist and instead developed his work as an electronic musician, which has seen his work praised by members of the public and critics alike.

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