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Social Media Shows The Creative Side Of Villanova Athlete Urbana

Jon Urbana is one of the best known businesspeople in Colorado, but has also been shown to be a very creative person who can transcend a series of different areas of interest. The work of Jon Urbana is based around the Ellipse USA brand, for which he is the Head of Business. The Laser and pulsed light hardware supplier has been growing by large amounts under the stewardship of Urbana, who has led the company as more and more medical spas and physician’s offices have looked to add these types of therapies to their services.

Known to many as the lacrosse player who led Villanova to quite a few runs in the NCAA tournament, there’s a lot more to Urbana than the All-American he became in addition to the sportsmanship awards he won at Villanova. After this, he played on the pro lacrosse circuit for quite some time before founding Next Level Lacrosse Camp, held annually every summer for high school kids who play at a competitive level.

Social media plays an important role in the life of Jon Urbana who has looked to increase his visibility as a creative person and expert in business. Urbana is active across a number of social media platforms he uses for both business and leisure purposes. Not only does Jon Urbana use his social media sites to publicize his career and business ventures, but he also uses these platforms to add influences to his creative pursuits.

Jon Urbana has also been looking to use his social media platforms to express his love of photography, which he uses to explore his own work as a nature and food photographer. Alongside his own work Jon Urbana has also been keen to express his thanks to those who have influenced his career and skills as a photographer, which includes some of the best known fashion photographers in the world who are referenced on his social media accounts.

Photography has not been the only area of creative success for Jon Urbana, who has found success in a surprising area of the music industry. Urbana has looked away from his experience as a guitarist and instead developed his work as an electronic musician, which has seen his work praised by members of the public and critics alike.

The newly founded U.S Money Reserve CrowdRise campaign


Founded by the gold market veterans, U.S Money Reserve was created to offer services to customers by guiding them in their investments in precious metals. These include gold, silver and platinum. Currently the organization has many clients who have placed great trust in them for the guidance from the highly experienced experts.
U.S Money Reserve stands out as the main distributors of the Government’s gold, silver and platinum coins. The organization has a team of qualified professionals that include coin research professionals, senior gold specialists and leading numismatic expert among others. These have managed in helping clients choose coins that bare the highest value the hence helping many clients get onto the profit margin.
Following a recent release on The Digital Journal, the U.S Money Reserve has come up with a campaign on CrowdRise. In this, they target to have people come in support of Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. This will hence work in helping fight hunger in people living in Texas region.
The company over the years has involved itself in social responsibility activities. Therefore, in their current project, they have managed to convince their customers and clients to give a hand in helping those in need in Central Texas.
In 21 counties across Central Texas, Capital Area Food Bank of Texas supports nearly three hundred partner agencies. The money raised in the CrowdRise campaign will hence be used to fund the food bank so as to extend its services far and wide across Central Texas.
Relating to the previous years, there is a set goal to provide more pounds of food which will help reach out to more families in Central Texas area.

Being Moved To Tears By Yeonmi Park’s New Book

I went to a local university that Yeonmi Park was speaking at. When she stepped up to the stage my mind wondered as she still looked like a little girl. She is 23 years old today, but she was 13 years of age when she escaped the horrors of Human Trafficking. When I listened to her speak it reminded me of my daughter who is 15. Yeonmi Park seemed so innocent and so childlike. I couldn’t’ have imagined the things she described that she had been through. She was promoting her new book that was released in September. The book is “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” Wow, I complain when I get out of bed and don’t have enough sleep, hearing her story really put my life into perspective.

What I liked when I heard Yeonmi Park speak was the fact that she is not just anybody, but she talked about her family ties. She talked about how much she loved her mother and sisters. She talked about how she longed to be normal and do the things that others did. This child has been starved, beaten, raped and done more in her short years than I will ever see or experience in a lifetime. My children complain if they are having eggs for breakfast two days in a row, but this girl would have killed for an egg when the North Korean regime was starving her and her family after her father was sent to prison.

I grabbed a copy of her book on on the way out and by the time I was home, I couldn’t wait to crack the copy and start reading. I wasn’t even one chapter into the book when the tears began to roll down my face. I decided to share this book with my daughter, who is 15. Together we read the book and developed a new appreciation for life and our freedom.

During the whole ordeal, Yeonmi Park lost her father to colon cancer. She also lost her sister for a brief period of time. She lost her virginity, her hope and was in a deep dark place. Watching her mother being raped would be more than any child of 13 could bear. She did escape through the dark of night when no one was watching. It was actually one of the captors that helped her and many others get away. It was through a desert, so that had its own challenges too. The fact is that she got away.

I hope that others will read this book with the hopes of understanding that the freedom that we have in the United States is valuable. That even though there is human trafficking here, the conditions and the way that people in other countries live is just unbelievable.

MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Sheds Light About The Life Of An Impersonator

They embrace their mode of dressing, mimic their voices, walk, behave, and most importantly, their looks. This is the life of most look-alikes around the world that have taken up the identities of musical and movie stars. They have adopted these similarities and made a career out of it.
An article by R7, highlights the life of such An impersonator, Michael Jackson’s look-alike, Sergio Cortes. In his Facebook profile, Sergio posts that being an artist with a great composing, singing, dancing, and acting is not for everyone. He further says that possessing great resemblance for an artist as famous as Michael is not just a career is not easy and considers his resemblance of Michael Jackson not a career but a privilege.
Sergio is a Brazilian born Spanish speaker introduced to the world of look-alikes at a young age and later following it and making a career out of it. He confirms that at a young age, his mother revealed to him how much he resembled Michael who was at the time starting his career with the Group Jackson 5. This is how his interest for Michael’s singing, dancing and general behavior before his fans and the press.
His interest for Michael was further heightened when one day in his teenage years got a photo shoot invite. In this, he was to dress up like Michael and have some photos taken of him that would later be sold in the name of Michael. This single was the basis of his major break-through; it gained him enormous popularity and saw him booked into various shows and especially the American Idols international tours as well as a massive following in his Twitter and over 160,000 fans on his Facebook page.

It is on these social media platforms that he interacts with his fans, discusses and receives promotions from potential promoters on new shows. He, nevertheless, expresses how deeply traumatized he was by the death of the pop icon in 2009 in Los Angeles, USA. He says it was especially difficult for him given how deeply he had incorporated pop icon’s life into his life. He notes that his performances are one way of overcoming his loss and that of the late singer’s fans.
Sergio’s impersonation of Michael is not an isolated case. Various look-alikes all across the world continually imitate their favorite stars. In Brazil especially, the most idolized and impersonated figures include Roberto Carlos, Raul Seixas and Ronaldinho.