An Overview Of MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Several people have been trying to impersonate Michael Jackson, but Sergio Cortes is the favorite of them all. Sergio was born and raised in Spain, Barcelona, 44 years ago, is recognized for his ability to create a true image of Michael Jackson. Sergio has managed to copy the legendary ‘King of Pop’ not only his dancing style and form dressing but his physical appearance and mannerism are similar to that of MJ. Sergio’s interests in copying Michael began when he was a small boy. Initially, he was not impersonating MJ but loved his dancing moves hence tried to dance like him.

After some time, people were attracted to Sergio since his physical appearance looked like that of MJ. His career as an impersonator of Michael Jackson began when a local journalist posted his photos and videos online, and Sergio Cortes was recognized as a star. His videos were appraised by many fans and he received performance requests from several shows. During his teenage years, millions of people attended his shows to watch him singing and dancing like MJ. He realized that he has a talent and his future in the showbiz industry. As Sergio was getting older, he started to learn how to tune his sound like Michael’s and improving his dancing moves and styles.
Sergio Cortes has capability to perform just like MJ and this is an advantage he has over the other impersonators. Today, Sergio’s moves, sounds and looks are very much similar to the legendary MJ. He has a lot of videos online that shows his skills and talents in mimicking MJ’s moves when dancing and singing his songs. When Sergio puts together the music, costumes and dancing styles, he is able to bring back MJ’s character on the stage. The audiences attending his shows are left mesmerized by his performance. Sergio lives in Brazil and is recognized as a celeb by the locals.

In the entire South America, Sergio is recognized by many fans for his talent and skills in copying MJ. These fans have no doubt that Sergio is the best looking impersonator of Michael and loves him with equal measures just like the legendary ‘King of Pop’. He has managed to attract many fans in his social media accounts because of his performance. As many people have tried to impersonate MJ, Sergio has emerged as the best among them all and he will continue to be as long as he is still performing.

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