Sergio Cortes Is Considered The Greatest Music Impersonator In The World

Sergio Cortes is a marvel within the world of professional impersonators. He was fortunate enough to have been born with the physical features, vocal patterns, dance moves, body shape and compassionate spirit of his music idol – Micheal Jackson. Ever since Cortes was a child in Spain, people would pay him to sing and dance to Micheal Jackson songs. He has always had an uncanny ability to sing Jackson’s songs with skill and to mesmerize crowds with his impressive dance moves. During Cortes’ teenage years, he decided to use his talents to become a professional Micheal Jackson impersonator and to entertain MJ fans worldwide.

Ever since Cortes made the decision to become an MJ impersonator, he has been fulfilling his dreams by touring the globe and bringing joy and inspiration to MJ fans everywhere he goes. When Cortes steps on a stage or enters into a room, his fans go into a frenzy as they snap his picture, touch his garments and ask for his autograph, for his resemblance to Jackson makes his fans feel like they are enigmatically closer to the late and great King of Pop.

Cortes is a master performer with natural dance talents and a beautiful singing voice. His live shows are filled with high energy, loud cheering and tears of joy as MJ fans clap to their favorite Jackson songs while Cortes dazzles them with the dance moves that made Micheal Jackson the most famous entertainer on the planet. Cortes’ shows are professional exhibitions that are choreographed with backup dancers, vivid costumes and props that reflect themes from famous MJ videos and performances. When Cortes performs, he does more than moonwalk and spin on his heels, for he has captured all of the gestures and subtle motions that are considered signature Micheal Jackson moves.

The world of professional impersonators is one that is challenging because fans expect the performer to capture nearly every attribute of a particular artist. Some impersonators are able to reflect an artists’ appearance, fashion style or vocal patterns; however, very few are born with the physical characteristics of the artist they impersonate, and even fewer have the inherent talents of their target. Cortes defies all of these obstacles, for him and Jackson share so many non-tangible and physical qualities, such as their jawline, lips, eyes, body type, voice, gentleness and humility. Many critics have labeled Cortes as the greatest impersonator in history, and Cortes reaffirms their claims as he is received with open arms by millions of Micheal Jackson fans worldwide.

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