Is Your House Holiday Ready?

Halloween is upon us. Thanksgiving decorations are already lining the shelves. Stores are offering free lay-away for Christmas. Face it- the holidays are upon us.

This year, instead of trying to do everything yourself, why not hire some help? After all, you are going to be so busy with meal planning, gift shopping and holiday parties. Why add house cleaning to your already burgeoning list of to-do’s? Handy Home Cleaning Services can have your home holiday ready in no time.

What’s that? The thought of hiring someone to clean your home is daunting to you? You are awkward doing personal interviews. You hate calling strangers to check out personal references. What if they are lying for the person? How will you know? Background checks- how in the world are you supposed to do a background check? We understand. That’s why Handy Home Cleaning Services has handled all of this for you.

When our professional shows up to clean your home you can expect a quality cleaning. Our cleaners have been background checked. Their references have been called and verified. We guarantee our work. If anything is damaged, we will pay for it. You can relax and let us help you this year.

Instead of spending your afternoons trying to chase dust-bunnies from under the beds and sweep cobwebs from corners, go shopping. Find the perfect gift for your mother-in-law. Head over to that natural foods market that you’ve been wanting to check out. Attend the office holiday party. While you are doing the fun stuff, our people will be cleaning your home. Sheets will be ironed and curtains washed and hung. Silverware will be polished and toilets will sparkle. No need to worry about Aunt Helen finding dust on your curio cabinets.

You can have the whole family gather at your house for a Thanksgiving dinner and never worry about the house being dirty. Think of it! This is so good that you may even decide to have the Christmas party at your place. Gone are the days of stressing over getting everything done in time. This year, a vacation can be just that- a vacation. You can relax on the sofa with a cup of hot tea. Put your feet up while we vacuum under them.

When the job is finished you will not have to haggle with the cleaner for a fair price. The price was up front. Just tap your smartphone and the cleaner is paid. Everyone is happy. How does Handy Home do it?

Handy Home allows cleaners to choose their jobs. Starting times, areas and rooms to be cleaned are shown up front as well as the pay. No secrecy means the cleaners know exactly what is going on. They can choose the job that fits their needs. When the job is finished, they swipe an app on their smartphone and the money is there.

This platform is a win/win for both clients and cleaners. Handy Home Cleaning Services is ready for your home.

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