From Childhood Fan To Superstar

Every child dreams of becoming someone and that was how Sergio Cortes started his career. It was many years ago as he was born in 1971. This was when the Jackson five were quite famous and often on television. In fact many kids loved watching the singer and his family. They were from a different country but that was the uniqueness of Michael Jackson he was just as popular in Brazil, Barcelona and China has he was in America. He was a kindred soul, to many people all over the world. It was Sergio that decided to be one of Michael’s biggest fan and not much later people around the globe would be one of his fans.

It is quite neat when what Sergio dreamed as a child became reality. He went from watching someone he adored to later becoming just like that person. He had a goal to become great like that little boy he once watched on the tube. First he animated his moves to be similar to Jackson. Then he later realized that he enjoyed the limelight. He was good at dancing, at singing and at doing his very best to be like who would later be considered the King of Pop. At first he danced and sang in front of his family. He honed in his skills and improved.

He also started to do what he needed to do to work on looking like Michael himself. Today he looks exactly like Michael Jackson it couldn’t be any closer. Sergio can move just as smooth as the superstar but not without years of watching, practicing to the point that he perfected his moves. He carries himself just like the star. It is quite something to watch the way his mannerisms are similar to Jackson. It is something he has worked incredibly hard for where he is now. It is often easy for many to want to discredit look a likes but in many respect it is almost much more difficult. He is crafting himself to be exactly like the King of pop. It is a challenge to become as good as the famous person. It is then another skill to be so good that people become interested in following. Now that once little boy in Brazil is famous not only because he is like Michael but because he can stir up a crowd just as well.

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