Sergio Cortes Is Now The Greatest Impersonator Of Michael Jackson

Sergio Cortes is highly acclaimed for his best work of impersonating Michael Jackson. He has obtained a big number of fans and followers from this work. Sergio Cortes is a Spanish, who has spent much of his life trying to imitate the King of Pop. He is considered a big name among those people who impersonate Jackson and is probably the best so far.

Sergio Cortes feels that it is not only a privilege but also an honor to be able to experience the likeness of Jackson. Cortes was born in 1971 in Barcelona Spain. He started being infatuated with Michael Jackson during his early days. His mother also loved Jackson, and they could dance, sing, and act like him.

Later on, Cortes learned the way Jackson used to carry himself in performance, clothing, and singing. While there may be many people who have tried impersonating Jackson, not many have made it like Cortes. He is a true representation of the image and personality of Jackson today.

Cortes takes this as a career and says it’s out of passion. During the 1980s when Jackson was rising to be an international star, Cortes began to dress like him. He had photos, which made other people think that he was Jackson. A reporter did publish the photos, and soon after, Cortes was invited to begin working as an impersonator.

Today Cortes has attracted more than 16,000 fans on Facebook, and these people admire and love him. He is very famous in Brazil where he has a big number of followers. Cortes has continued to work as an impersonator for Jackson and sees it as calling for him. He has spent many hours doing practice and learning choreography and music. His voice, dressing, and performance just mimic those of Jackson.

In 2012, Cortes was in the event staged in Spain to pay a big tribute to late Jackson. Cortes works as hard as if he is doing his own music and performance. He is dedicated to his artistry work and spends a lot of time singing.

Many people have actually mistaken him for Jackson. He is just so much excited and feels good to be an impersonator of Jackson. There have been speculations that Jackson could still be alive many years after his death— and all this is because Cortes portrays the looks and does music and performance like Jackson.

Cortes is today very happy to live in footsteps of Jackson and hopes that he will continue touching the lives of fans of Jackson. He keeps on attending tribute shows and giving his best performances.

In another Jackson’s tribute show, Cortes was in Milan Italy on June 26, 2015 where he gave his performance. In this show, fans felt as though Jackson had come back to life. Cortes really portrayed an amazing yet shocking image of Jackson in appearance, vocal resemblance, and clothing. The stances and moves left everyone delighted. Cortes has been a client of Destiny Projects. Destiny Projects is a company that works to nature and develop artistic tale

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