The Modern Day Legal System in Brazil

As Brazil was once a part of the Portuguese colony, Brazilian independence led to the foundation of a new and more modern legal system that is a hybrid of multiple European legal systems. Brazil, having declared independence from Portugal in 1822, has a more modern and developed legal system that is a hybrid of multiple European legal systems. France and Germany, especially inspired Brazil’s legal system. In 2002, the most recent Civil Code was created that was a blend between the French and the German Civil Code.

With the rise of the Brazilian Empire, a new legal system was created along with a judicial system. The development of a new legislative system made a law school necessary for the country. That is why the the first law school of Brazil was established in 1827, only 5 years after Brazil had won independence.

Brazilian Law is much like European Law as well as United States Law. Brazil has a Federal Constitution that acts as the law of the land. This Federal Constitution can only be edited with Amendments. The Amendments go through a long and thorough process to ratify the Constitution. In addition to the Federal Laws, Brazil also has a Supreme Court to make sure that the Constitution is followed.

Brazil, like many other neighboring countries, has several local and state level leaders and laws. Despite, the Federal Laws being the law of the land, local laws and states laws are also enforced for the population. The power in Brazil is divided into what are called, jurisdictions.

Lawyers in Brazil are who create the laws of the land. The number of Brazilian people aspiring to become lawyers has increased over the years. To become a lawyer in Brazil, an examine is required before ever hoping to attend law school. This exam is given by the individual university and has different expectations to be met. Once accepted to law school in Brazil, a student should expect to attend that school for 5 years. The law school, for the most time part, can make accommodations for part-time students.

After finishing Law School, a potential lawyer must first pass the brutal Bar Examination. This examination takes months of preparation to pass. The Exam consists of 2 sections. The first section is the multiple choice section and the second section is the essay. Both of these sections must be answered in the given amount of time.

Being a lawyer in Brazil is a respected profession. Lawyers such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho are some of the founders of great lawyer strategies. Mr. Tosto is one of the country’s most respected lawyers who is an example of the fact that hard work will lead to infinite possibilities.

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