Sergio Cortes; Michael Jackson Reborn

Michael Jackson performances were of an unmatched brilliance and as such, millions of his fans would treasure seeing his live performances again. Unfortunately, death does not offer mankind second chances and we are forced to move on regardless. However, fate has a rather humorous way of giving people what they want most back to them. In this case, fate has thrown quite a great surprise for many of Michael Jackson’s fans through a very unique individual fondly referred to as Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes is a young man with a pure Spanish bloodline. Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, this exhilarating performer has definitely made a name for himself among the millions of Michael Jackson’s all over the world that would do anything to see a live MJ performance again. Many people consider him simply as some MJ impersonator. This is hardly the truth, and after attending Sergio’s live concerts, MJ fans definitely come to terms with the fact that he is not just a simple MJ impersonator but rather an MJ incarnate.

For a Michael Jackson diehard fan, it is at first eerie watching Sergio Cortes perform live on stage. This is not because he is some scary figure but rather, the opposite. He has been naturally endowed with a physical resemblance, vocal cords and perfected Michael Jackson’s dance moves in a way that one almost believes he is the late entertainer’s ghost! He performs Michael Jackson songs with a vocal semblance that is almost an exact replica of Michael Jackson when he was alive. There are indeed thousands if not tens of thousands of Michael Jackson imitators all over the world. However, Sergio Cortes stands out from this crowd.

He credits his near perfect MJ performances to his innate adoration for the fallen pop icon and dedication to hard work fate for his good fortune. He now enables MJ’s millions of fans relive experiences of watching Michael Jackson perform live on stage again and is also able to earn a wonderful income from his exploits. He is now the leader of a touring entertainment outfit known as ‘The Live Project” which travels the world offering MJ fans with a chance to see the King of Pop live on stage again. This entertainment outfit is composed of backup singers, dancers, band and costumes which enable even the staunchest MJ fan to enjoy Sergio’s live performances.

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