FreedomPop Invades the UK

People are struggling with the rising cost of their mobile bills. In fact, a large percentage of mobile users are actually considering giving up their mobile device because of the rising cost. However, there is hope on the horizon for those that are on a strict financial budget. A recent article in Digital Trends discussed FreedomPop’s new venture. FreedomPop has gone Alpha and is invading the UK. FreedomPop is about to launch their mobile service in the UK this September. Numerous consumers are eagerly waiting to get on board the FreedomPop train. Let’s take a closer look.

Free Plans
Certainly, FreedomPop’s claim to fame is their introduction of their free plan to people in the United States. This caused great interest and convinced a multitude of mobile users to give the service a try. They are also introducing the free plan to the UK. The free plan includes 200 minutes, 200 SMS, and 200MB of Data. There are also 2 premium plans for those that require more voice, text, and data. Still, the premium plans are very reasonable. The good news is that FreedomPop does not charge a penalty for going over the data allowance. However, they will charge you a fee for each MB overage.

The Alpha Stage
The Alpha stage is a way to introduce the free plans and the premium plans to the UK. However, the service charges a small fee for signing up with them. New users also are allowed to select a new number with the service. FreedomPop CEO, Steven Sesar, has big plans for the mobile company. He plans to conquer the UK mobile market. In addition, the CEO plans to take over the world with his free mobile service and premium plans. The CEO wants to change the way that the whole system works. His belief is that this business model works great because it is the best flexible plan for today’s mobile user. Certainly, the FreedomPop model is perfect for the occasional mobile user or those that are not addicted to their mobile. Fortunately, the service offers low cost plans for consumers that require more voice, text, and data. Once the expansion plan starts in the UK, the world is next.

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