Joseph Bismark: Healthy Living Is Richer Living.

Among the founding directors of the QI group, is Joseph Bismark. In a recent article released through Business Wire, Bismark explains his love for a healthy lifestyle which he lives through literature, a healthy vegetarian diet, both mental and physical exercises as well as apps that sustain the healthy lifestyle he advocates for. Bismark believes that both mental and physical exercises bring out the best in each of us, not only through fitness but by enabling us to cast away our fears and doubts.

His daily exercises include yoga, swimming and cycling. When cycling, Bismark uses MapMyRide, a mobile application that keeps track of his fitness progress and also provides him with a training log where all the details of his exercise from calories burned, distance to his speed are recorded. As for yoga, Bismark both practices and teaches it. Being a master of Yoga at Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga, Bismark recently read a book by Dr. Abigail Ellsworth that gives the basics of breathing, yoga and the spine and provides detailed references to readers. As for meditation, Bismark has taken to sharing his meditation chants via sound cloud.

Every day, for at least 15 minutes, Joseph uses Luminosity, an application that can run on almost any device to keep his mind as sharp and healthy as his body. Through captivating scientific games, the application works out the brain functions ensuring it stays in top shape.

Joseph is currently the Managing Director of the QI group, a position he took up in 2008. He was among the founders of the company that has since transcended into over 30 countries globally. The QI group has a diverse range of business services and has recently established a university in Malaysia investing into the education sector. Constantly on the move, the group has also ventured into the hospitality industry in countries like South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey and India.

Joseph Bismark is regarded as largely responsible for the growth and expansion of the QI group through his talent, dynamism and versatility in leadership. His style of management of openness and consultancy is echoed through his philosophies. His love and devotion to healthy living also led to the company’s decision to venture into wellness and organic living.

Bismark also believes in spiritual growth that he aims to acquire by taking part in the RHYTHM foundation, the social responsibility arm of the QI group.

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