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The World Of High Quality Men’s Shoes

The men’s shoe industry has improved significantly over the years. Many shoe companies have improved the look and the quality of their men’s shoes to appeal to more men. There are many varieties of men’s italian shoes out there that appeal to many types of men. There are casual shoes in the form of sneakers and comfy loafers and there are high-end shoes that are usually worn for special occasions and for business purposes. Men’s shoes have come a long way with many high-end designers dedicating departments solely to these shoes. There are also brands that are only for men’s shoes. These brands usually design and craft luxury men’s shoes. We will take a look at the top trending men’s shoes and a particular brand that caters to the luxurious man.

There are many trending men’s shoes on the market today. One of the trending men’s shoes is the oxford shoe. The oxford shoe is very popular among men because its a simple design that can easily dress up an outfit. Oxfords look great with a grey, navy or black suit. The most popular oxfords are the ones made in high-quality leather. The high-quality leather oxfords are usually made by hand and crafted in Italy. Another great men’s shoe is called the plimsoll. The plimsoll is a unique shoe because it looks like sneaker but its simply a casual suede laced shoe with a rubber sole. The plimsoll is perfect for men that want to wear something casual but still look polished.

The boot is still popular among men. Many of the high-quality men’s boot are made with leather and suede. The men’s boot is simple and functional, perfect for a man looking to enhance his look without going overboard.

Paul Evans New York is a luxury men’s shoe brand that caters to men that desire high-quality shoes. Paul Evans New York feature oxfords, loafers, wholecuts, monk straps and boots. All of Paul Evans shoes are made in with high-quality leather and are crafted in Italy. Many of the shoes are made with a leather upper and leather sole.

The Modern Day Legal System in Brazil

As Brazil was once a part of the Portuguese colony, Brazilian independence led to the foundation of a new and more modern legal system that is a hybrid of multiple European legal systems. Brazil, having declared independence from Portugal in 1822, has a more modern and developed legal system that is a hybrid of multiple European legal systems. France and Germany, especially inspired Brazil’s legal system. In 2002, the most recent Civil Code was created that was a blend between the French and the German Civil Code.

With the rise of the Brazilian Empire, a new legal system was created along with a judicial system. The development of a new legislative system made a law school necessary for the country. That is why the the first law school of Brazil was established in 1827, only 5 years after Brazil had won independence.

Brazilian Law is much like European Law as well as United States Law. Brazil has a Federal Constitution that acts as the law of the land. This Federal Constitution can only be edited with Amendments. The Amendments go through a long and thorough process to ratify the Constitution. In addition to the Federal Laws, Brazil also has a Supreme Court to make sure that the Constitution is followed.

Brazil, like many other neighboring countries, has several local and state level leaders and laws. Despite, the Federal Laws being the law of the land, local laws and states laws are also enforced for the population. The power in Brazil is divided into what are called, jurisdictions.

Lawyers in Brazil are who create the laws of the land. The number of Brazilian people aspiring to become lawyers has increased over the years. To become a lawyer in Brazil, an examine is required before ever hoping to attend law school. This exam is given by the individual university and has different expectations to be met. Once accepted to law school in Brazil, a student should expect to attend that school for 5 years. The law school, for the most time part, can make accommodations for part-time students.

After finishing Law School, a potential lawyer must first pass the brutal Bar Examination. This examination takes months of preparation to pass. The Exam consists of 2 sections. The first section is the multiple choice section and the second section is the essay. Both of these sections must be answered in the given amount of time.

Being a lawyer in Brazil is a respected profession. Lawyers such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho are some of the founders of great lawyer strategies. Mr. Tosto is one of the country’s most respected lawyers who is an example of the fact that hard work will lead to infinite possibilities.

Sergio Cortes; Michael Jackson Reborn

Michael Jackson performances were of an unmatched brilliance and as such, millions of his fans would treasure seeing his live performances again. Unfortunately, death does not offer mankind second chances and we are forced to move on regardless. However, fate has a rather humorous way of giving people what they want most back to them. In this case, fate has thrown quite a great surprise for many of Michael Jackson’s fans through a very unique individual fondly referred to as Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes is a young man with a pure Spanish bloodline. Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, this exhilarating performer has definitely made a name for himself among the millions of Michael Jackson’s all over the world that would do anything to see a live MJ performance again. Many people consider him simply as some MJ impersonator. This is hardly the truth, and after attending Sergio’s live concerts, MJ fans definitely come to terms with the fact that he is not just a simple MJ impersonator but rather an MJ incarnate.

For a Michael Jackson diehard fan, it is at first eerie watching Sergio Cortes perform live on stage. This is not because he is some scary figure but rather, the opposite. He has been naturally endowed with a physical resemblance, vocal cords and perfected Michael Jackson’s dance moves in a way that one almost believes he is the late entertainer’s ghost! He performs Michael Jackson songs with a vocal semblance that is almost an exact replica of Michael Jackson when he was alive. There are indeed thousands if not tens of thousands of Michael Jackson imitators all over the world. However, Sergio Cortes stands out from this crowd.

He credits his near perfect MJ performances to his innate adoration for the fallen pop icon and dedication to hard work fate for his good fortune. He now enables MJ’s millions of fans relive experiences of watching Michael Jackson perform live on stage again and is also able to earn a wonderful income from his exploits. He is now the leader of a touring entertainment outfit known as ‘The Live Project” which travels the world offering MJ fans with a chance to see the King of Pop live on stage again. This entertainment outfit is composed of backup singers, dancers, band and costumes which enable even the staunchest MJ fan to enjoy Sergio’s live performances.

Yeonmi Park Inspires Many People as She Fights For the Rights of North Koreans

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector and human rights activist. She has been fighting for the freedom of the North Koreans since escaping to South Korea through China. She was born in the Heysan region of North Korea to a father who worked as a businessman. Yeonmi had a relatively good life but things in her life changed when her father was imprisoned. He was accused of smuggling and was sentenced to 17 years in prison coupled with hard labor. Hard labor resulted in his health deteriorating.
Yeonmi received worldwide attention on youtube at the Young World Conference in Dublin where she delivered an emotional and moving speech. Her remarkable speech catapulted her to global stardom. Within no time, the speech hit over 2 million views on YouTube inspiring many people across the world. Since then, she has traveled across the world and has been featured in various shows both on radio and television stations.
Her story has been told in different platforms. Some of the television stations where she has been featured include the Voice of America, CNN, and the BBC. She has also been featured on radio channels like Free Asia Radio and BBC 2. Yeonmi appears regularly as a guest on South Korean Television on a show known as Now On My Way to Meet You. This program aims to bring together the North and South Koreans. In addition, she runs her own show called Yeonmi Park Show. She is also a co-host of the Television podcast Casey Lartigue that airs in English.
Yeonmi was exposed to the outside world after watching a pirated version of the Titanic movie. Before that, all she knew was the brutal regime of North Korea given that she was taught on what to say, think and even feel. Nothing was free. The regime controlled what students learned at school besides what they watched. After watching the titanic movie, she became aware of the freedoms that people were enjoying in different parts of the globe.
Yeonmi’s circumstances changed when they decided to flee to South Korea. Although her father did not accompany them, he facilitated their escape by bribing guards who operated at the border. It was not easy to convince them to let his family pass considering that the guards were instructed to shoot anyone who approached the border. Her father joined them later but unfortunately could not complete the journey with them. He died on the way owing to his illnesses.
After gaining her freedom, Yeonmi realized that she was worth more than what she had been made to believe. She points out that the new freedom gave her a new voice that was powerful in her decision-making. This voice has made be actively engaged in making the whole world recognize the plight of the North Koreans. She has been fighting the slavery where girls aged 13 to 15 are sold for less than two hundred dollars. She has been a voice of inspiration and hope to millions of North Koreans. Presently, Yeonmi lives in South Korea with her mother together with her sister who rejoined them after five years of separation.

Irish/American Baritone Brian Mulligan Hits All the Right Notes

Although famed baritone Brian Mulligan has performed in opera houses around the world to wide-spread acclaim, the Irish/American singer always enjoys returning to the peace and quiet of his Pacific Heights home and neighborhood.
As he prepares to debut in the title role in the San Francisco Opera’s production of “Sweeny Todd” in September, the New York native is thrilled that his long-time dream of playing the psychotic barber is being fulfilled.
“It’s a brutal role,” he says. “With a range emotion of joy to despair, it the kind of role you long for.”
Mulligan studied voice at Yale University before moving on to the prestigious Julliard School of Music. While still a Julliard student, he debuted at the Metropolitan Opera in December of 2003 in Die Frau ohne Schatten (The Woman Without a Shadow), an opera in three acts by Richard Strauss.
The baritone is a perfectionist when it comes to learning his roles, interpreting the musical score, and rehearsing endlessly to hit each melodic note perfectly.
The range of roles Mulligan has appeared in is astonishing for such a young performer. From his critically acclaimed performance of Richard Nixon in Nixon in China with the San Francisco Opera to debuting in Pique Dame in Zürich and in the Frankfurt Opera’s production of Lucia di Lammermoor, Mulligan has more than proven his versatility as a world-class baritone artist.
Mulligan doesn’t limit his performances to operatic settings. He is a popular soloist on the domestic symphony orchestra circuit. He has performed in sold-out concerts with the Cleveland Orchestra, the Chicago and Houston Symphony Orchestras and the Los Angeles Philharmonic in recent years.
Not limited to live stage appearances, his performance of Mahler’s 8th Symphony in Los Angeles was recorded by Deutsche Grammophon and released on DVD in 2012.
Mulligan credits his primary voice instructor, W. Stephen Smith, for much of his success. Always one for hard work and total effort, Mulligan shies away from listening to the recorded voices of yesterday and today and prefers to get his musical inspiration directly from the composers through their written scores.
Although bestowed with numerous awards for his singing talents, Mulligan says that being named one of the top 100 Irish Americans by the Irish America Magazine is one of his favorite honors.

Critically Acclaimed Operatic Barritone: Brian Mulligan

Born in Endicott, New York, Brian Mulligan began pursuing music at a young age. To study his passion, Brian Mulligan attended Yale University and the Juliard School.
Brian Mulligan major debut performance was at the Metropolitan Opera in December of 2003. He was still a student at the Juliard School when he took the stage at the Met. His debut performance was in the Opera Die Frau ohne Schatten. After his debut performance, Brian Mulligan performed throughout many other cities in America and the whole world including San Francisco, Zurich, Chicago, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, New York City, and Houston. He has performed as Marcello in La Bohème, Yeletsky in Pique Dame, Enrico in Lucia di Lammermoor, Prospero in Ades’ The Tempest, Prometheus in Die Vögel,Valentin in a new production of Gounod’s Faust, Jake Wallace in La Fanciulla del West. Brian Mulligan has played a wide range of roles and continues to do so throughout American and European countries!

While Brian Mulligan performed with the San Francisco Opera House, he portrayed Richard Nixon in the Opera “Nixon in China.” He received rave reviews from critics for his stellar performance. This is well known as one of his standout and best performances. Brian Mulligan has also received multiple awards for his Operatic work. In fact, the Los Angeles philharmonic states that Brian Mulligan has “been awarded a Richard Tucker Career Grant and a Sara Tucker Study Grant and the George London Prize,” all major operatic accomplishments.

Brian Mulligan currently lives in the city of San Francisco, California. Although he’s a resident of San Francisco, he also holds dual citizenship with Ireland. Brian enjoys spending time in San Francisco’s presidio district. Brian focuses a majority of his time on his operatic work and is constantly practicing his operas. He likes to sound original and practices the old fashioned way. As Brian Mulligan states, “If you come to my dressing room, the score will be open on my table, and I’ll study it through the final performance. I spend a lot of time making sure every note I sing is inspired from a place of care, giving, and from the air moving through my vocal folds.”

Brian Mulligan is an incredibly accomplished singer with a true and genuine passion for the operas that he performs.

Using Beauty Products Each Day With Lime Crime

In today’s society, many people find that it makes sense for them to consider having on hand makeup as they go about their daily activities. Doing so can allow the person to have high quality makeup each day that provides them with a look that is well done, understated, modern, in touch with contemporary use of makeup and pleasant to look at as well as highly flexible all at the same time. The use of such makeup is also an ideal way for the person to have on hand items that are elegant and can be used each day no matter what the weather is outside.

The use of daily makeup is often an important part of someone’s daily routine. People want to have makeup on hand that they know that they can use without a problem each day. Many people also look to have makeup on hand that they can carry with them each day and that will not spoil or otherwise have a problem no matter where they take it. This kind of makeup can help serve as a foundation for other kinds of dress that the person chooses to wear each day such as a skirt as well as accessories that the user chooses to have on hand as part of the outfit such as shoes and scarves to create a look that is unified and pleasing to the eye each day.

A company that understands the needs that people have to have such a look on hand during the course of the day is Lime Crime. Lime Crime is one of the world’s most important makeup sellers, specializing in the provision of contemporary makeup to user who want a look that is ideal for work, play and anywhere else they have in mind without losing a beat along the way.

People can buy products from Lime Crime on tumblr that are know to be strong enough and long lasting enough to get them through the day without the need to constantly reapply the item or to worry that it will smudge their clothing or other items they are using that day. Many users also find that the look they can pick out from this company is also one that is often ideal for the need to have makeup that will not irritate their skin in some way or cause any other kinds of problems as a result of repeatedly daily use.

The customer can buy products from this company in order to make sure that they have the products they need on hand each week to allow them to use the makeup each day without the need to worry that they are goign to run out. Each product shipment is delivered quickly and when the person needs to have it on hand. Company officials here carefully watch each shipment to make sure that it contains exactly the items they wnat in the exactly quantities they need to use each for work and any other occasion they want.

FreedomPop Invades the UK

People are struggling with the rising cost of their mobile bills. In fact, a large percentage of mobile users are actually considering giving up their mobile device because of the rising cost. However, there is hope on the horizon for those that are on a strict financial budget. A recent article in Digital Trends discussed FreedomPop’s new venture. FreedomPop has gone Alpha and is invading the UK. FreedomPop is about to launch their mobile service in the UK this September. Numerous consumers are eagerly waiting to get on board the FreedomPop train. Let’s take a closer look.

Free Plans
Certainly, FreedomPop’s claim to fame is their introduction of their free plan to people in the United States. This caused great interest and convinced a multitude of mobile users to give the service a try. They are also introducing the free plan to the UK. The free plan includes 200 minutes, 200 SMS, and 200MB of Data. There are also 2 premium plans for those that require more voice, text, and data. Still, the premium plans are very reasonable. The good news is that FreedomPop does not charge a penalty for going over the data allowance. However, they will charge you a fee for each MB overage.

The Alpha Stage
The Alpha stage is a way to introduce the free plans and the premium plans to the UK. However, the service charges a small fee for signing up with them. New users also are allowed to select a new number with the service. FreedomPop CEO, Steven Sesar, has big plans for the mobile company. He plans to conquer the UK mobile market. In addition, the CEO plans to take over the world with his free mobile service and premium plans. The CEO wants to change the way that the whole system works. His belief is that this business model works great because it is the best flexible plan for today’s mobile user. Certainly, the FreedomPop model is perfect for the occasional mobile user or those that are not addicted to their mobile. Fortunately, the service offers low cost plans for consumers that require more voice, text, and data. Once the expansion plan starts in the UK, the world is next.

How to Be a Successful Business Woman

Susan McGalla is 41 years old. She is the current president and chief merchandising officer of the American eagle outfitters company. The company was founded in 1994, the time when executive managers mostly concentrated on the chain’s roots as an active wear storage focused on male clients. It did not appear to matter a lot. Susan P. McGalla on ireport.cnn, who is previously working for Joseph Horne company under the store section. She narrates that she often had a feeling that American Eagle used her values on ideas to judge her. Thia is despite the fact that she made sure on the business tours not to be the last person to turn up at the first meeting of the morning.

Women play crucial duty on all grounds and for you to succeed you must be hardworking, patient, and ambitious. Perhaps, for you to succeed as a businesswoman, you must put more focus on your objectives and ambitions. You need to understand the fact that the business you want to choose must be appropriate and give you the appropriate profits. You also need to understand both the positive and negatives of the market.

As you understand, the appearance of a business in her business card will be part of the initial impression package. Without even knowing the person well, it is possible to get detailed information about them. Whether they are certain or not, if they take themselves seriousness, if they understand what they want, if they are responsible or if they are happy, then it shows they can be successful. It is evident that how an individual appears implies a lot; however, it is not just all about what is on the surface on a person that counts. It is all about what lies underneath, and body language speaks abundance.

A businesswoman bears a low esteem as contrasted to thriving businessman. The cause might be immense. A businessman may have a low esteem because of his presence in the community. Precisely so, if a woman alone enters into business with the confident man, she will feel timid and reluctant as contrasted to a businessman. Reasons might be many, but you must cope up with every situation. As a businesswoman, your first and foremost objective is planned. You must coddle with the community that is dominated by men. You do not have to come up with a proud but a confident lesson to all women that a female can succeed if only she got the spirit to prove that.

It might be evident that including a woman in business might be thriving journey, but the reasons are immense. The women are well thought-out to be more loyal than their male counterparts are; they in reality take care of their families when their husbands are not around. They seen as more hardworking than their male counterparts do.

They dedicate more concentration in building wealth for the family as they devotedly take care of their children compared to male. Flourishing business women gives assured amount advantages to the family. As she is mindful in the community than men with their kindness, she can come up with several advanced techniques, which are obliging for being a model to her business.

A Lesson from Susan McGalla

Which character traits define a business, woman?

Some will say there are no definitive traits to gauge business, lady. This might be true but if we look at all the successful business women, certain traits will feature among some of them. Traits such as aggressiveness, negotiation skills, networking, ego-strength and stress tolerance run across the board.

• Aggressiveness, successful business ladies communicate confidently and with authority, they make their opinions known openly. Straightforward women have an added advantage in the competitive business world.

• Ego Strength, successful women, formulate proper ways to tackle their challenges; they show maturity in the way they solve problems at work.

• Stress tolerance, women, are known to be emotional beings, they get hurt easily, but a business woman should be able to withstand such challenges. This can be effectively done through having a supportive family and friends whom you can talk to.

• Networking, this is very vital for one to succeed in the business field, create a network of supportive associates and professionals who can guide you through the complicated business world.

• Education, it is an added advantage if you have a proper education. The knowledge you gain from school will be needed in the business arena. Through MBA, one acquires skills that will put you ahead of your competitors.

Another successful business lady worth mentioning is Susan McGalla on johnkokishpc best known as the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. The established executive business consultant began her long and inspiring career at Joseph Horne Company; she offered her services diligently. She was with the Joseph Horne Company for eight years. She gained a great deal of experience that saw her jump straight to American Eagle Outfitters Inc. At this organization, she foresaw the launch of women’s accessories and 77 kid’s brands. McGalla would later leave American Eagle Outfitters Inc for Wet Seal; during her stay at this organization she improved the products quality by far. Susan grew up holding on the lessons from her father that her opinion was important despite her gender. Susan McGalla has shared to the rest of the world her secrets to succeeding in the business world. All the young entrepreneurs should take this as a challenge and come out to beat this challenge posed by this great and successful business lady.

Women were missing in action in the business world for a long time now, but not anymore, various boardrooms are now flooding with women who play pivotal roles. Many large organizations are now under the leadership of women. Women’s opinions are highly valued in boardrooms. The traditional idea of a male-dominated business world is fading fast. Various women’s rights activists have since emerged in the hope of striking a balance between the male and females at workplaces. Hillary Clinton has advocated for women’s rights for a while now. The former Secretary of State is an inspiration to many women worldwide. Oprah Winfrey has also established d her career doing what she likes; helping those with the same problems as the ones she faced as a child.