Doe Deere Epitomizes Bold And Beautiful

Who doesn’t love makeup? Makeup has been one of the only consistent friends that I’ve had throughout my life. It’s seen me on my worst days and it’s helped those transform into my best days! Even when I’m feeling down about my life, there is one thing that I can count on. Makeup can hide all of that and make me feel beautiful.

There’s literally a piece of makeup for every problem! If I have a zit, there’s concealer for that. If I have bags under my eyes, there’s foundation for that. If I want a natural, put together look, there’s eye shadow and lip gloss for that! If I want something more bold and more wild – there’s also make up for that!

For the days when I am feeling very wild and adventurous about my makeup – I look to Doe Deere. Doe Deere is truly a pioneer when it comes to makeup and cosmetics. She understands that people want to express themselves through makeup. That’s because she does the same! Doe Deere is always looking glamorous, fun, and beautiful. This is because she has truly learned how to express herself with makeup. Her bright bold lips and eyes are always standing out in a crowd. She knows others want to do the same and that’s why she has a really great line of makeup products called Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is all about expression. Doe Deere offers bright fun pallets of eye shadow, lip glosses, lipsticks, and much more. It’s all to create a grunge look that she’s famous for sprouting herself. It’s not just that. Doe Deere also shows off a softer side in her cosmetics. That are more neutral and nude tones. It all depends on what a person is in the mood for. Doe Deere literally has a product for everyone.

Another great aspect of her company that she is C.E.O of is the fact that all of her products do not test on animals. They are cruelty free and vegan approved. I especially love this because I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that my makeup hasn’t harmed anyone!

Doe Deere understands that life is to short to be living it in black and white. That’s why when a person thinks of Doe Deere, they typically think of big and bright bold colors. That’s what she’s all about. Doe Deere loves being creative with her look. Makeup is something that is always evolving and changing and Doe Deere is always keeping up with it.

Overall, Doe Deere truly epitomizes what it means to be beautiful and unique. She is a woman who is confident in who she is and she shows that through her makeup. She is now helping others do the same through her Lime Crime make up line. If anyone ever struggles with finding who they are and what their look is, they can look to her for guidance. She doesn’t just sell products. She also shows off tips and tricks.

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