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Dan Newlin Trains An Exceptional Legal Team

The future of the Law Offices of Dan Newlin depends on skilled
attorneys like Dan Newlin to manage the firm’s legal operations. Known
for cultivating substantial relationships with his clients and in the
community, this prominent entrepreneur hopes to inspire his
75-employee team with his well-proven principles. Essentially, under
his profound leadership, his company has recovered approximately $150
million for accident and injury victims which has led to their
prominent and commendable recognition as a Super Lawyer Law Firm.
Notably, less than 5 percent of all central Florida practicing
attorneys receive this prestigious acknowledgement. Remarkably,
Newlin’s law enforcement background in conjunction with his
exceptional legal training has greatly influenced his success as one
of America’s most powerful lawyers.

Raised in the Midwest, Newlin excelled in his elementary,
intermediate, and high school studies and upon the completion of his
Bachelor’s degree, he pursued law at the Florida State University
College of Law. Alongside his educational pursuits, he engaged in many
law enforcement positions at the police department, fire department,
and sheriff’s office. Notably, his early professional endeavors
encouraged one of his most prominent careers as a detective in the
Fugitive Division. During this position, he received many awards for
his skill in reprimanding hundreds of dangerous criminals as well as
enforcing narcotic control and theft arrests. Most prominently, his
success in law enforcement influenced the creation of the Law Offices
of Dan Newlin.

In 2001, this knowledgeable attorney launched Dan Newlin &
Partners in Orlando, Florida. Commendably, the office quickly grew
from a one secretary, small sized company to a boutique styled law
firm specializing in a variety of legal practices such as wrongful
death, motorist accidents, personal injury, worker’s compensation, and
medical negligence. Throughout the years, Dan Newlin gradually trained
many recent law graduates who have all greatly contributed to his
growing team. Today, the Law Offices of Dan Newlin is recognized as
the leading law firm who proudly offers professional and personalized
legal services to the central and south Florida areas. Dan Newlin is a well known personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

In 2014, Newlin announced his decision to expand his legal practices
into central Illinois. In essence, the firm’s growth was facilitated
through the success of his practical training which were implemented
by his highly qualified team. Moreover, he hopes to employ his
legal experiences as well as the company’s extremely
effective business model to serve the injured Chicago residents.
Furthermore, Newlin and his staff strive to maximize their client’s
monetary recovery while simultaneously protecting their legal rights.
The Law Offices of Dan Newlin will proudly represent a reputable case
as the attorneys are dedicated to satisfying each customer’s unique
objectives and concerns. Call now for a free consultation.

Andy Wirth Raises the Bar with Navy SEAL Foundation Fundraiser


There’s no denying that Andy Wirth is a busy man. He’s the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, as well as a member of several professional and civic boards, a philanthropist, husband, father, and sports enthusiast. In spite of his hectic schedule, Wirth is making time for his latest philanthropic passion, raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

The goal of the Navy SEAL Foundation is to provide ongoing, immediate support for members of the Navy’s Special Warfare field and their families, to help offset the unique stresses that are inherent in this highly specialized, extremely dangerous branch of service, including educational programs, support in the aftermath of tragic injury and loss, and more.

Wirth first became interested in the foundation when he befriended a group of Navy SEALS, following a skydiving accident gone horribly wrong, in which he missed his drop zone, landing in a vineyard full of upright posts, rather than in an open field, as planned. As a result, he nearly lost an arm and his life. During his long, difficult convalescence, as he was training to do the running leg of an Ironman triathlon, these friends became an inspiration to Wirth, and he became determined to lend his support in return, using the race to raise funds for the Navy Seal Foundation.

In 2015, Wirth has once again put together a team, named Special Warfare Warrior, to participate in the Ironman at Lake Tahoe, with the aim of raising funds for the support of Naval Special Warfare members and their loved ones. The fundraiser is being conducted via the CrowdRise online platform.

Our service members, especially those in Special Forces, have made and continue to make incredible sacrifices for the good of this nation, risking life and limb as a matter of routine for its continued freedom. This is a perfect opportunity to thank and support those in the Naval Special Warfare community by visiting and contributing today.

From The Cleaning Lady To The Cleaning App

The home cleaning industry is becoming more integrated into the “on demand” economy. In the past, finding cleaning services for your home usually involved asking local friends and neighbors if they knew a good maid. You would then interview candidates, check their references, and pay them directly to clean your house. Cleaners who you directly hire tend to expect that they will be regularly working for you. Very few will agree to come less than once a week.

The direct hire has been mostly replaced by a professional cleaning service. Rather than hire a cleaner, you pay an agency who then sends someone to your home. The cleaner is an employee of the agency, not you. If a cleaning agency is reputable, the homeowner can rely on it to provide good workers and dispense with the background and referencee check. Agencies are also flexible as to how often you hire their services. Nevertheless, agencies often charge more for a “one off” request or for intermittent use of their services.

The professional cleaning service may now find itself replaced by the professional cleaning service application. Handy, formerly Handybook, is a company founded in 2012 that provides on demand cleaning services through the use of an application on your phone. After installing the application, users can select from cleaning and other services. Handy has established arrangements with thousands of cleaners and will connect the user with a worker who is ready, willing and able to perform the services. There is no subscription fee or requirement that the user commit to a regular use of the service. A Handy user can use their application to book a weekly appointment to clean the houses or simply use it on an occasional basis to clean the home after a gathering. Booking a service takes about a minute, and can be done as late as one day in advance.

Handy has seen impressive growth in both its operations and its financing in merely three years. After starting out by offering services in Boston, Handy has since expanded to thirty seven cities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Handy has also expanded its offerings beyond cleaning services. Users can book services as diverse as painting, furniture assembly, moving and plumbing.

“On demand” cleaning services are proving popular with investors as well. Handy is again the leader in this regard. It has raised $60.7 million in 5 rounds of funding. It finances have been strong enough to acquire prior competitors Mopp and Exec.

With erstwhile competitor Homejoy recently announcing that it would cease operations, Handy looks to be the clear leader in the field. Traditional home cleaning services, not to mention individual direct hires, will need to make themselves more visible and available in order to continue to compete in the market.

Bringing Art into the Home

When someone loves art with a passion then that individual is going to try to bring as much art as they can into their own home. Those who feel passionately about art and about some of the artists that are out there are going to do all that they can to make sure that their home is a place that is filled with art. Those who have a favorite artist will collect pieces from that individual. Those who have a favorite style will bring that style into their home. Those who love art bring art to their home so that they can see it on a regular basis, and Adam Sender is one of those individuals. He is someone who loves art and who appreciates all that it has to offer. He is someone who has taken the time to bring art into his home and to display it in a good way. He is someone who is passionate about art and is not afraid to show it.

Adam Sender (Instagram)
is an art collector. He is someone who loves art and who is not afraid to have it displayed in his home. He appreciates the beauty of art and he chooses to display it in his house. Adam Sender has a particular taste for art and he buys the pieces that stand out to him. He is not just looking to purchase pieces that are popular or in high demand, he wants to get the pieces that appeal to him and that he would like to have in his home. Adam Sender displays the pieces that he purchases, and he loves having the opportunity to show them off when he has visitors in his home. He appreciates art and all that it can add to a home, and he is more than happy to allow others to view the art that he has gathered and to comment on it. He is an art collector who has gathered many great pieces of art and who displays those pieces in his home.

Dating Apps Like Skout Becoming More And More Sophisticated

The world of dating can be very intimidating. The introduction of dating apps — especially to individuals who aren’t technologically savvy — makes it even that much more scary.

The mobile app dating pool is quite extensive. According to the IAC/InterActivecorp, there are some 21 million dating matches per day. With such a large pool of potential daters, it’s easy to see how people can be subjected to unwanted contacts. Also, unfortunately, many dating apps simply don’t work well. Whether it’s a lack of subscribers or features service, some simply aren’t worth the trouble.

Dating apps are actually made pretty much like social media networks. They actually share most of the same features like pictures, chats, friend’s lists and videos. In most cases, social media is interface with the app, so it only takes one click and you’re in. The integration of Facebook also serves as a filter. Apps have the technology to check out users to see if they are real human beings — or if you’re just actually some troll with the intent to harass.

The mobile app Skout is receiving a great deal of positive feedback. Founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom, this is one of the first dating apps that focused on user location. The global positioning device of your cell phone hones in on your general location. The company has improved its profile by raising over $20 million in investment capital.

Skout is hailed as one of the best dating apps due to its constant introduction of new features. Aside from the global positioning feature, Skout offers a “shake to chat” feature and additional safety measures to ensure the protection of all users. Skout’s newly-released travel feature provides users the opportunity to meet dates in other cities.

Regardless of the application, users are always told to proceed with caution. Regardless of the security features, people are encouraged to be aware that some apps are a magnet for unsavory users. As with all dating platforms, there are individuals who slip through the cracks. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen often.

Individuals who would like to learn more about dating apps are encouraged to go to online forums. You can find a wealth of information regarding usage and safety measures. It’s all about having a good time and meeting someone to strike up a friendship or love connection with. The user must remember that they are in control of the process.

Doe Deere Epitomizes Bold And Beautiful

Who doesn’t love makeup? Makeup has been one of the only consistent friends that I’ve had throughout my life. It’s seen me on my worst days and it’s helped those transform into my best days! Even when I’m feeling down about my life, there is one thing that I can count on. Makeup can hide all of that and make me feel beautiful.

There’s literally a piece of makeup for every problem! If I have a zit, there’s concealer for that. If I have bags under my eyes, there’s foundation for that. If I want a natural, put together look, there’s eye shadow and lip gloss for that! If I want something more bold and more wild – there’s also make up for that!

For the days when I am feeling very wild and adventurous about my makeup – I look to Doe Deere. Doe Deere is truly a pioneer when it comes to makeup and cosmetics. She understands that people want to express themselves through makeup. That’s because she does the same! Doe Deere is always looking glamorous, fun, and beautiful. This is because she has truly learned how to express herself with makeup. Her bright bold lips and eyes are always standing out in a crowd. She knows others want to do the same and that’s why she has a really great line of makeup products called Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is all about expression. Doe Deere offers bright fun pallets of eye shadow, lip glosses, lipsticks, and much more. It’s all to create a grunge look that she’s famous for sprouting herself. It’s not just that. Doe Deere also shows off a softer side in her cosmetics. That are more neutral and nude tones. It all depends on what a person is in the mood for. Doe Deere literally has a product for everyone.

Another great aspect of her company that she is C.E.O of is the fact that all of her products do not test on animals. They are cruelty free and vegan approved. I especially love this because I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that my makeup hasn’t harmed anyone!

Doe Deere understands that life is to short to be living it in black and white. That’s why when a person thinks of Doe Deere, they typically think of big and bright bold colors. That’s what she’s all about. Doe Deere loves being creative with her look. Makeup is something that is always evolving and changing and Doe Deere is always keeping up with it.

Overall, Doe Deere truly epitomizes what it means to be beautiful and unique. She is a woman who is confident in who she is and she shows that through her makeup. She is now helping others do the same through her Lime Crime make up line. If anyone ever struggles with finding who they are and what their look is, they can look to her for guidance. She doesn’t just sell products. She also shows off tips and tricks.