Brad Reifler Is Expanding His Investment Expertise From Wall Street to Main Street

Brad Reifler is most recently known as the founder and CEO of Forefront Management Group, which includes the subsidiaries Forefront Advisory, Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Capital Markets. Founded in 2009, these firms enable Mr. Reifler to dispense his advice and expertise to serious investors who seek guidance in the commodities and foreign exchange markets. His guidance is informed by over 30 years in finance and investing.

Brad Reifler began his independent foray into the investment world in 1982 when he founded Reifler Trading Corporation. This laid the groundwork of knowledge and experience to then enable him to found Pali Capital in 1995, which he was CEO of as recently as 2008 and which grew to have offices around the world with over 200 staff. Before launching into the arena of finance, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Bowdoin College, a private liberal arts college in Maine.

Through his various firms over the years, Brad Reifler has enabled accredited institutional and individual investors to achieve income and long-term growth goals. Reuters wrote that the foreign exchange and commodities markets are not for the timid and Mr. Reifler has earned the right to be considered an expert in them.

One of the latest ventures he has embarked upon has to do with what is called the Forefront Income Trust. His previous investment advice efforts had only focused on large investors that deal in hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year. This latest subsidiary specializes in offering investment advice to the other 99 percent of people who may never be fortunate enough to be among the investment elite in society, but who may nevertheless appreciate the advice of someone who has catered to these people. With his latest venture, he brings opportunity to the middle class, which is a welcome expansion for those who are concerned about the increasing wealth disparities in our country.

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