Juniper Networks Recent Stock Climb

Shaygan Kheradpir is a respected figure in the tech industry having worked with Verizon and the Barclay group where he helped pave the way for communications in the 21st Century. Recently he has been working in the American Banking Industry conducting innovative work that looks to help the current American economy. He was the CEO of Juniper Networks but as of Nov 2014 he has resigned. Juniper Networks is an Internet Protocol Networking company based in the Silicon Valley.

Juniper Networks continues to grow in all the right directions despite the recent changes in the executive hierarchy. As a company they have made strides in the fields of networking technology by taking advantage of the recent boom in the markets of cloud computing and data virtualization. The company has also benefited from its recent growth into the Software Defined Network field, which allows their network administrators to manage the network services through lower level functionality.

This all of course has increased their stock price which in the end is what matter to their shareholders and given the recent jump of .30 in the market share over this past trading day I think it’s safe to assume that Juniper Networks will continue growing in the right direction as long as there is a need for technological security and advancement.

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