Inmates Were Under Prison Months Before Escape

With one inmate shot and killed, David Sweat is now telling the daring story of his and his partners escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility from a hospital bed. Sweat goes into detail about how the two men first had to use hacksaws to cut a small opening under their beds to be able to leave the cell each night. They would simply wait until the last head count of the night and then slip out of the cell and under the facility where they studied the layout of the prison.

It was during these nightly escapes from the cell, that Sweat and his partner James Dondero were able to get a real understanding for the layout of the prison. They were able to discover which pipes lead to where, and which got to the outside of the facility where they would have the best chance of escape. Each night they were confident guards had no idea they were under the prison looking for weak spots to make their escape.

This process took months, then finally they discovered a large heating pipe that was eventually used to tunnel right to the streets outside the prison. In order to make the escape however, the two cunning inmates needed the help from the inside. They were able to secure things such as hammers, drills, and hacksaw blades, all important pieces of the puzzle for their escape. The only way the plan worked was by the help of two insiders who have since been arrested.

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