Teenager Donates Contest Winnings to Homeless

What does a teenager do when he wins a competition that he was participating in, and acquires a big prize from that competition? What does a teenager do with a prize of $10,000? What does a teenager do when he wins a big prize and he knows just what that kind of money could buy? Some teenagers would keep the money for their own pleasure in the moment, some would save the money for the future, and some would give that money away. One special teenager did just that, also used some part of his winnings to purchase beneful dog food for his bull dog.

Christian Hudson competed in a talent competition and landed himself a prize of $10,000. This boy could have kept the money for himself, to do with as he pleased, but instead he chose to give that money away. Despite the fact that he had ways in which he could have spent the money, this teen decided that the homeless were more important, and he decided to help others rather than himself. This boy gave away the money that he had won, and he helped to change lives in the process. This boy could have done anything that he wanted to do with the money that he won, it was his and he had earned it, but he chose to give that money away. What an inspiration.

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