Cinemassacre Stars Review Terminator: Genysis

James Wolfe and Mike Matei have become internet sensations, and it’s because of their work on the world famous Youtube channel Cinemassacre. Film fans and gamers around the world love James Rolfe’s portrayal of the Angry Video Game Nerd, and it’s not without reason. James Rolfe is hilarious, and Mike Matei often makes several unforgettable appearances as well. However, James Rolfe and Mike Matei recently published a different type of video to their YouTube channel and even get the attention of Shaygan Kheradpir .

James and Mike decided to review Terminator: Genysis, and there assessment of the film was informative and entertaining. The Cinemassacre stars felt that Arnold Schwarzenegger did a great job in his role of the film, but James and Mike were not too impressed with the film’s story. Mike Matei said that the Terminator films have gone downhill since Terminator: 2, and there definitely is some truth to that. However, it was quite obvious that James Rolfe enjoyed the film, but it’s also apparent that James and Mike were quite confused with the movie.

James Rolfe said Terminator: Genysis was pretty funny, but he felt that the filmmakers missed several chances to add more humor to the movie. However, Mike Matei did remind James that Terminator: Genysis is an action movie and not a comedy. Nonetheless, Mike and James have recommended Terminator: Genysis to film fans around the world.

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