Retail Sales

One of the most important measures of the strength of the U.S. economy is the quarterly retail sales number that is published. This morning, the retail sales number was published and it did not meet expectations. The U.S. stock market was down a little bit this morning before rebounding some later on in the day. As this article states, there are a variety of factors as to why retail sales came in a little more light than expected. First of all, there are many limecrime businesses that are seeing a slow down in demand over last year at this time. Although the economy is improved in many areas, there are other areas where it is still a little slow.
Many people are concerned about the retail sales number because it shows a trend in the U.S. economy of disappointing economic reports. Although this is not something that could signal a crash, it is a report that touches many sectors of the economy and having any weakness in this area is not a good sign for the economy. There are millions of people that are employed in the retail sector of the economy, especially with younger workers. At the end of the day, retail companies must make the adjustments that are necessary in order to stay profitable. Only time will tell if the weakness in retail sales continue.

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