The New Spider-Man FIlms Are Going To Employ The John Hughes Style

Spider-Man is not a character that has undergone radical changes over the years. Sure, Peter Parker was tweaked a bit in the comics by allowing him to age from a 16 year old to an adult. Still, at the core, Spider-Man remains the character we all are fond of. In the new Spider-Man movies, however, a few things do have to be changed in order to separate the new wall-crawler movies from the previous five. Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, is noting a change to the theme of the next Spider-Man films is going to be instituted.

Interesting, he has noted the style of the film is going to be like an old 1980’s John Hughes movie. Hughes was the handy director who captured teen life in a humorous and poignant way. 16 Candles would be considered one of his greatest films and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off his most successful. Would this approach work well in a Spider-Man movie?

Honestly, the early Spider-Man comic book stories were a lot like the John Hughes films that would arrive in theaters two decades later. Humor, soap opera teen drama, and compelling characters were just as common in the Lee/Ditko books as they were in the John Hughes movies.

The film will also cater to its intended audience, teens, in the same way the original book did. Adults will certainly turn out to buy tickets for the film because they grew up with the iconic hero. Ultimately, the teen soap opera approach sounds like one with a lot of potential.

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