Chris Brown Rihanna Run In

Lately, Chris Brown has been dealing with more drama than one man should ever get used to. Not only is Chris still in the early stages of fatherhood and learning how to be a parent and a celebrity, but he is dealing with typical drama from Nia Guzman who wants more money for Royalty. Karrueche Tran used to be Chris’s fallback plan, but after finding out the news about Chris fathering a 9 month baby girl Karrueche cut Chris off once and forall. Chris has made multiple attempts to get back with Karrueche but she refuses him time and again.

Now that Karrueche is used to Chris’s constant ups and down, she knows how to deal with Chris without making too much of a scene. Speaking of scenes, Chris is lucky he didn’t make one last Friday while partying at Hooray Henry’s when Rihanna and her new boyfriend Karim Benzema. Apparently Chris quickly spotted the new couple, and and didn’t start any drama.

Just a few days ago Chris was in a shouting match with is ex Karrueche, after she turned down his advances in a club. Ricardo Tosto knows there is probably more to the story, and others on agree.

Sources say that there was no drama whatsoever, Rihanna and Karim were seated comfortable and seemed to be very affectionate. Chris watched in the distance but he remained on his best behavior. Either baby Royalty is having a positive effect on Chris, or he is trying to catch flies than honey.

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