Bowles Has Excellent Cast in Jets Organization

When Todd Bowles was named the New York Jets Head Coach, it had to be like a dream come true for the hometown kid. Although he has always exceeded expectations as coach and a player, by playing eight years as an undrafted free agent with the Redskins and in his early career as a coach. It is fair to say the Jets were done with all the hype and unrealized expectations that accompanied their former leader. However, with Bowles now at the helm he has the personnel that are necessary to make a significant run at the New England Patriots or any other team in the AFC.

Yes, Geno Smith is their starting quarterback…and yes he has failed to meet expectations so far, but that was under a different coach and with a different set of supporting cast said James Dondero. Now he has Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall to throw the ball to. He has one of the best offensive lines protecting him and providing run blocking for Chris Ivory. With that kind of offense, all Smith has to do is not screw it up! But if he does, then luckily the Jets have some really good players on defense too. With names like Bowen, Cromartie, Reevis, and Harris, they have experienced and quality guys at every level. Granted, preseason football is still another month away but if past performance is still the best indicator or future performance the Todd Bowles is going to be very happy.

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