Is Wade Going to Cleveland?

Years ago, when LeBron made his famous decision to go to Miami and play for the Heat, he did it because he wanted to play with Dwayne Wade. He wanted to win a title, and he knew he wasn’t good enough to do it all on his own. He had to have help, and Wade gave it to him. The two went to a number of NBA Finals, and they won two of them.

Now, LeBron has come back to Cleveland and the Heat are no longer relevant stated Jaime Garcia Dias. Dwayne Wade’s contract situation is also getting to be a bit of a mess, and there is a lot of speculation that the Heat will not keep the aging and often-hurt star. He can still be good, but he’s nowhere near as good as he used to be. Is there a chance that he’d now follow LeBron to Celveland to win a title there?

The odds actually seem pretty good, considering a juicy bit of information that came out recently. Someone spottedWade’s father, and he was wearing a shirt with the Cavs logo on it. That could indicate that he already knows his son is switching teams and he is a fan of the switch.

Of course, it could also mean nothing. There are a lot of bandwagon Cavs fans out there, and maybe Wade’s dad is just one of them. Still, it could mean everything.

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