How Low Can He Go?

In general terms, going low in golf IS the goal. The lower the score, the higher up on the leaderboard you go. But for Tiger Woods, “low” is a word that has begun to evoke pity. The first round of the US Open found Woods not only fighting Chambers Bay, the link-styled golf course hosting the Open, but more importantly, fighting himself in just about every way possible. Hole after hole the fans remained by Woods’ side, yelling out their support, hoping for a Tiger Woods of many years past. The sad reality of it all is that the Tiger Woods of years past may never show his face again. The Tiger Woods we see today is a shell of his former self. A constant fight with swings, with his short game and with his putting. This isn’t a one tweak and all is right. Tiger Woods is a complete overhaul waiting to happen. At 39, is it even possible? Has the game already passed one of the world’s greatest golfers? If this US Open is any indication, Tiger Woods has hit rock bottom. Or has he? A man with that much talent has got to have some kick left. Fans of Tiger, like Kevin Seawright, are hoping against hope that soon the real Tiger finds his way back. But until then, the cringe-worthy game he is currently playing could well be the norm.

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