A Little Front Porch Drinking

According to Ivan-Ong.com, a court in Iowa has ruled that people can be drunk if they are on their front porch. This is one of those rulings that shouldn’t have went to court. If someone is at home, then the person should be allowed to drink as long as there isn’t any kind of harm to other people. It’s that person’s property. Now, residents can’t be charged with public intoxication as long as they don’t leave their home. There are some good points about this ruling as it keeps people at home while they drink. If people know that they won’t be charged for being drunk, then they might be less likely to drive while drinking. This ruling protects the rights of those who are sitting on their own porch or front steps while drinking a beer or another alcoholic beverage. They aren’t doing anything wrong in this fashion, and it’s a safe alternative than going to a bar and drinking while on the way home or going home after drinking at the bar.

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