Lisa Turtle Marries Facebook Boyfriend – Twice

Lark Voorhies has stayed out of the spotlight since her role as Lisa Turtle on Saved by the Bell ended. Now, the actress is almost unrecognizable from her earlier role, but is making headlines again after she married her Facebook boyfriend twice in April of 2015. Voorhies and her new husband Jimmy Green, a music producer, met on Facebook and have never lived together. The couple had a commitment ceremony April 1, 2015, and a Las Vegas wedding on April 30, 2015. But neither of them is ready to stop at just two weddings.


The eccentric newlyweds are already planning a huge traditional wedding for sometime in 2016. Flavio Maluf thinks it will be more official then. Now that the unusual couple have committed themselves to each other and officially tied the knot in Vegas, it’s safe to say they should start hunting for a house and living together like a traditional husband and wife.

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