Full House Star Caught Driving Under The Influence

If you are a big Full House fan then you are going to be disappointed in one of the character’s actions recently. John Stamos, who plays Uncle Jesse on the show, was recently arrested for driving under the influence. Reports say that he was drunk, and that he was rushed to the hospital.

What do you think this means for John Stamos? What does this mean for the Full House reunion that is planned to come out on Netflix next year? Do you think that this is a one time occurrence for John Stamos, or do you think that we’ll be seeing more of this kind of behavior from him in the future like Adam Sender thinks after reading the Observer? Does something like this affect your opinion of the upcoming premier of Fuller House? Do you think that it will make some people less likely to watch the new show?

It is disappointing that John Stamos would get himself into a situation like this, especially with the new show coming out soon, but, hopefully this is a turn around point for him. Hopefully he will never let anything like this happen again in the future.

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