Michael Vick’s Days Could Be Numbered

Michael Vick May Be on His Last Leg

Quarterback Michael Vick has bounced around at least three teams during this tenure in the NFL. With this in mind it makes sense for him to start for a team.

Vick was asked whether he was starter material and he simply responded with a “Yes.” The problem comes in when even if he feels he can start, other teams don’t see it that way since he hasn’t been signed by anyone, not even for a backup role. Coupled with the fact that Vick is pushing 35 years old and one has to wonder if the end of the line is right around the corner for him said my friend James Dondero.

There was speculation that the Seattle Seahawks would sign him but they opted for Tavaris Jackson only just this week. Much of this could be due to the fact that Vick’s gameplay last season was quite unimpressive. For the 2014 season Vick was with the New York Jets, who signed him after he spent the five years before earning his role as a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles.

During his tenure as an Eagle Vick had put on several electrifying performances before being benched in favor of Nick Foles. Needless to say, Vick simply isn’t in his physical prime anymore and with that in mind there’s a chance that his remarkable career may very well be coming to an end.

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