Beer Company Stops Making Beer, Bottles Water For TX Storm Victims

Many people are aware by now of the horrendous storms going on in the great state of Texas. They started out a couple weeks ago and have spread throughout the state, flooding just about everything it goes through. Homes have been destroyed, people’s cars have been submerged, and there are many people who have lost so many valuable things in this crazy weather.

According to an article found on reddit and written by NBC news, the well loved beer brand Anheuser-Busch has really stepped up to help out the Texas locals and residents. They are providing a lot of water for those who are trapped in the storm, which is ironic considering their business involved the opposite kind of beverage. In fact, the production line of the beer king’s factory is actually producing water instead of beer to make it available to all of the individuals in need and it will be a very helpful thing that they managed to do this. I am sure that the cities and towns of the area will be ever so grateful for their help and it is a very touching story.

STX Entertainment recently informed the LATimes that they are really happy to hear about this company doing something positive and thinking beyond their purpose of just making money. They are changing the community and the world by being so selfless and it is amazing what can big companies can do in these situations.

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