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Chrissy Teigen Posting Topless Photos

Model Chrissy Teigen has recently posted some racy pictures of herself on her Instagram account which have been taken down. But the supermodel vows that those pictures will be back soon. Recently Chrissy took part in a photo shoot for W Magazine where she was listed as one of the top ten hottest supermodels who grace social media. In the photo shoot, the 29-year-old was topless and draped over a chair. She has vowed that her nipple will make another appearance on her social media account.

Crystal Hunt told me too that Chrissy is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who is married to crooner John Legend. She is also co-host with LL Cool J for the Spike TV show “Lip Sync Battles”. Chrissy is also a spokesperson for being body positive. She has posted pictures of herself in the past where her stretch marks were very visible. She made now effort to hide them, but rather embraced her flaws as what makes her a complete person.

The other hottest models named in W Magazine were Anna Ewers, Barbara Palvin, Doutzen Kroes, Lily Aldridge, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Joan Smalls, Irina Shayk, Lily Aldridge, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

For the full story, and blurred pictures, check them out on The Daily Mail.

The New Spider-Man FIlms Are Going To Employ The John Hughes Style

Spider-Man is not a character that has undergone radical changes over the years. Sure, Peter Parker was tweaked a bit in the comics by allowing him to age from a 16 year old to an adult. Still, at the core, Spider-Man remains the character we all are fond of. In the new Spider-Man movies, however, a few things do have to be changed in order to separate the new wall-crawler movies from the previous five. Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, is noting a change to the theme of the next Spider-Man films is going to be instituted.

Interesting, he has noted the style of the film is going to be like an old 1980’s John Hughes movie. Hughes was the handy director who captured teen life in a humorous and poignant way. 16 Candles would be considered one of his greatest films and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off his most successful. Would this approach work well in a Spider-Man movie?

Honestly, the early Spider-Man comic book stories were a lot like the John Hughes films that would arrive in theaters two decades later. Humor, soap opera teen drama, and compelling characters were just as common in the Lee/Ditko books as they were in the John Hughes movies.

The film will also cater to its intended audience, teens, in the same way the original book did. Adults will certainly turn out to buy tickets for the film because they grew up with the iconic hero. Ultimately, the teen soap opera approach sounds like one with a lot of potential.

Chris Brown Rihanna Run In

Lately, Chris Brown has been dealing with more drama than one man should ever get used to. Not only is Chris still in the early stages of fatherhood and learning how to be a parent and a celebrity, but he is dealing with typical drama from Nia Guzman who wants more money for Royalty. Karrueche Tran used to be Chris’s fallback plan, but after finding out the news about Chris fathering a 9 month baby girl Karrueche cut Chris off once and forall. Chris has made multiple attempts to get back with Karrueche but she refuses him time and again.

Now that Karrueche is used to Chris’s constant ups and down, she knows how to deal with Chris without making too much of a scene. Speaking of scenes, Chris is lucky he didn’t make one last Friday while partying at Hooray Henry’s when Rihanna and her new boyfriend Karim Benzema. Apparently Chris quickly spotted the new couple, and and didn’t start any drama.

Just a few days ago Chris was in a shouting match with is ex Karrueche, after she turned down his advances in a club. Ricardo Tosto knows there is probably more to the story, and others on agree.

Sources say that there was no drama whatsoever, Rihanna and Karim were seated comfortable and seemed to be very affectionate. Chris watched in the distance but he remained on his best behavior. Either baby Royalty is having a positive effect on Chris, or he is trying to catch flies than honey.

Why Are More Music Artists Collaborating?

You may have noticed a rising trend in music artists who are actually collaborating with each other on songs and entire albums. This is something that is still a relatively new concept, though it has been done before decades ago. There are a variety of reasons why music artists are beginning to collaborate with one another when making songs and albums. One reason for this is because it helps to bring in more fans because of the fact that there are two major artists who are working on a song together. Fans of one artist may be able to discover their like for the other artist because of the fact that they are both in the same song.

The trend of collaborating has been around for quite awhile now, but it is just beginning to grow again in popularity. It almost seems weird to those at Qnet if there isn’t someone featured on a track. That is what those on Yahoo are accustomed to seeing. Nowadays, there are many albums that have collaborations on them from one artist to the next, and this is definitely something that is still a relatively new concept in the modern music industry. Just turn on the radio and you’ll find a wide range of songs being played with multiple artists. Collaborating is something that can benefit the artists and the fans as well, so it is definitely something that is not going to be going out of style any time soon just because of how many people are enjoying this when they listen to their music.

Writing and Editing Wikipedia: Some Basic Guidelines


When writing a Wikipedia page, there are several things that you will want to keep firmly in mind, first among them being that whatever you write or change, the article should read objectively. This is not the place for opinions or promotion, either on behalf of yourself or a particular cause. The article should read in a similar way to a news article in the paper, with as little in the way of biased language as possible. If the article in question seems to personal for an editor, it is probably too personal for Wikipedia. It is important to stick to only the facts.

If you are in the process of editing a page, the above also holds true. It is very helpful when an editor removes spam, which here means biased or otherwise inappropriate language. For example, if a previous contributor has added a section about how completely crazy a certain senator to said senator’s bio, that section would be considered spam, and it should be removed. Even if the senator in question does have a history of mental health issues, those should be detailed respectfully, relying only on official diagnoses or publicly available knowledge, and using dispassionate, professional language.

According to spam might also be an overly lengthy explanation, as is often seen in plot summaries of television shows or movies. You can help edit these articles by paring down the summaries to the bare essentials. There is no need to detail every twist and turn of the plot; in most cases, a basic rundown of characters, setting, and premise will do just fine.

It is also critical to include sources for your work when writing and editing articles. The lack of good sourcing is currently the major criticism leveled against Wikipedia as a reliable, “serious” source. When you cite sources, you not only help the people reading your article- you help anyone who might want to correct or expand upon what you have written. Be sure to cite everything in the proper format, and seriously consider adding in-text links for especially contentious information.

Bowles Has Excellent Cast in Jets Organization

When Todd Bowles was named the New York Jets Head Coach, it had to be like a dream come true for the hometown kid. Although he has always exceeded expectations as coach and a player, by playing eight years as an undrafted free agent with the Redskins and in his early career as a coach. It is fair to say the Jets were done with all the hype and unrealized expectations that accompanied their former leader. However, with Bowles now at the helm he has the personnel that are necessary to make a significant run at the New England Patriots or any other team in the AFC.

Yes, Geno Smith is their starting quarterback…and yes he has failed to meet expectations so far, but that was under a different coach and with a different set of supporting cast said James Dondero. Now he has Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall to throw the ball to. He has one of the best offensive lines protecting him and providing run blocking for Chris Ivory. With that kind of offense, all Smith has to do is not screw it up! But if he does, then luckily the Jets have some really good players on defense too. With names like Bowen, Cromartie, Reevis, and Harris, they have experienced and quality guys at every level. Granted, preseason football is still another month away but if past performance is still the best indicator or future performance the Todd Bowles is going to be very happy.

Terrelle Pryor Tossed from Cincinnati, Cut from the Team.

Terrelle Pryor is an interesting talent and it is a shame that we are rapidly realizing how he won’t get a chance to show off his abilities. Pryor burst onto the scene after getting picked up by Oakland in the Supplemental Draft. After about half of a season Pryor managed to make his way into the starting line up. From there the young man showed athletic prowess despite struggling with his arm. He racked up one of the longest runs from scrimmage for a QB and routinely showed game breaking ability on the ground. Since then he has been dropped from Oakland and now he has beendropped from the Bengals.

Pryor came into training camp with the intention of taking the #2 spot behind starting QB Andy Dalton. However this clearly was never meant to be as young AJ McCarron quickly distanced himself from Pryor, claiming the #2 spot with a quickness. Add on to the fact that Pryor got in trouble for uploading videos of himself at practice on Twitter, and things weren’t looking good. Finally backup Josh Johnson passed Pryor on the chart, pushing him to 4th, and the Bengals decided to move on.

Now Pryor, who has been in Seattle, Oakland, and Cincinnati, will try to attach himself to another team with the hope of getting an opportunity stated Brian Torchin. Pryor’s struggles just show off how tough it is to succeed in this league even with a ton of talent.

American Men Have Been Emasculated

In the past, being a strong and masculine man meant everything. However, it seems that society has changed quite a bit over the years. These days, most men are much more feminized than in previous years. For instance, men nowadays often get pedicures and facials. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but could you imagine a man from the fifties doing that? Some people feel that society has emasculated the American man, and I happen to agree with that statement.

Its not a bad thing to be a bit sensitive and caring for others. However, Brad Reifler says that men are supposed to be hunters and providers. Thousands of years ago, a man went out and found food for his woman, and he did it without question. Also, men in the past did not mind getting their hands dirty. Today, women seem to be tougher than most men.

Buzzfeed recently published an article about this topic, and several different arguments are made about the masculinity of American men. Nonetheless, I definitely enjoy the freedom of the modern world, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing that men are a bit more feminized these days. Men in the past seemed emotionless, but now we are allowed to show our feelings without being considered a wuss. Nonetheless, science has proven that men and women are very similar, but I feel that the transgender craze has confused everyone.

Image Recognition And The Ascension of Private Labels

The world of marketing would never be what it was a couple of years ago. That was the time when image recognition technology was still in the fetal stage and not as popular as it is now. It was also the time when private labels were unheard of. However, in the current times, both these things are demonstrating the changing face of fashion, food and other industries. National brands are falling behind while private labels are slowly inching into consumers’ hearts, winning loyalty with their quality products and affordable prices.

How do these two trends feature together and why should private labels care for this technology? Read on to know more –

Retailers Choose Private Labels Because Of Bigger Margins, Image Recognition Can Help To Deliver Them To End Customers – As compared to 25% margin with big brands, food retailers tend to make around 35% with private labels. This is the reason why more retailers are pushing to include private labels in their fashion and food collection. However, in order for the word to reach far and wide, retailers need image recognition technology that can effortlessly let the consumer know about the retail stores housing these labels.

Consumers Want Variety In Fashion That Both Private Labels and Image Recognition Can Offer – It is not a secret that private labels have less obstructions in their communication flow because of their small size, and as such, they are able to innovate much faster than big, national brands. Image recognition can aid such consumers in this quest to find the private label with the most variety. This technology can also ensure that private labels get the popularity they deserve.

Affordability and Marketability Works In Favor Of Both Private Labels and Image Recognition Technology – Ultimately, private labels are preferred because they satisfy the cost criteria and image recognition technology too is extremely affordable at this stage. This partnership is, thus, made in heaven and is bound to work for everyone.

Slyce is a leading company in image recognition and has the support of various big and small brands. Bigger brands that want to reestablish brand loyalty and small brands that finally want to get a chance to compete with the big names can use the superior technology of Slyce to make a mark on the industry. This company has the professional expertise and, most importantly, imagination to make marketing a dream with their app of image recognition technology. Reaching the end consumer has never been this easy.

Is Wade Going to Cleveland?

Years ago, when LeBron made his famous decision to go to Miami and play for the Heat, he did it because he wanted to play with Dwayne Wade. He wanted to win a title, and he knew he wasn’t good enough to do it all on his own. He had to have help, and Wade gave it to him. The two went to a number of NBA Finals, and they won two of them.

Now, LeBron has come back to Cleveland and the Heat are no longer relevant stated Jaime Garcia Dias. Dwayne Wade’s contract situation is also getting to be a bit of a mess, and there is a lot of speculation that the Heat will not keep the aging and often-hurt star. He can still be good, but he’s nowhere near as good as he used to be. Is there a chance that he’d now follow LeBron to Celveland to win a title there?

The odds actually seem pretty good, considering a juicy bit of information that came out recently. Someone spottedWade’s father, and he was wearing a shirt with the Cavs logo on it. That could indicate that he already knows his son is switching teams and he is a fan of the switch.

Of course, it could also mean nothing. There are a lot of bandwagon Cavs fans out there, and maybe Wade’s dad is just one of them. Still, it could mean everything.